Writing a blog will keep the search engines returning to your website, to check out the new stuff you have added...

Will using social media help my business?

It’s true that some businesses will gain more from using social media than others. Having a plan and understanding how best to use different social media sites in your business is very important. If you want to market your business, then using social media as well as blogging will have an effect on the number of visitors to your website.

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Is blogging really that important?

We know, you have better things to do with your time! Writing news and updates for your website is so far down the list of things you want to do or even have time for.

Yet a question we often get asked is ‘what’s the most important thing we could do to improve the marketing of our website?’ Well you guessed it, our answer would be to write a regular blog post. If you have a proper blog on your website, like WordPress, you will really benefit from writing regular posts.

We will help you understand why blogging is so important and what you should be writing about, planning when you should be blogging and the style of posts.

If you really don’t like writing blog posts, but understand how important it is, we would be more than happy to write them for you. Case studies as well as news articles are always a great idea to show you regularly update your website; Google and all search engines love a new page to crawl through and will keep going back to check for new information if you keep adding it – gradually helping your website rise above those other static sites that make no improvements.

Next steps to grow your business

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