Social Media Planning

Choosing the right combination will really benefit and grow your business...

Does this all just scare you?

Social Media is vital for all businesses. Whatever your industry, you will be needing to have some sort of presence on at least one social media platform. Many companies will have an account on all of them, but perhaps, depending on your industry, you may not feel the need for every single one.

What you do need to do however, is have a plan. How often are you going to post, what are you going to write about and what images are you going to use.

If you find this whole world of hashtags, sharing, retweeting etc a bit of a minefield, then why don’t you let us help you. We work in many industries, planning and posting on social media for many different types of customer. We understand each social media platform and can advise as to what would be relevant for your market. Slowly growing your networks so you have a good base for your market.

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The Pick n Mix of Social Media

Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites used for business; it’s a great way to make regular updates about your business and will help to improve your business’s online profile. There is a wide reach and it allows you to interact with businesses within your target audience; growing the number of followers and potential customers. Using hashtags can help to get you seen by new people and don’t forget you also now have 280 characters you can use, which makes a lot of difference!

Facebook will help you interact with individuals who may be interested in your products and services. It is important to get the social level of your posts correct here, you mustn’t be too business heavy. Boosting a post to promote it to a wider audience can also be really rewarding, as you can be specific about your target market as well as budget.

LinkedIn is another must if you have a business. We are always being told that so many of our customers get a lot of their work from Linkedin, having a business page and keeping in touch with other connections. Networking is a great way to keep reaching out to new people and if you post regularly, then your name will keep popping up. Keep yourself visible! Join groups on LinkedIn, become someone who answers peoples questions; become an authority in your own field!

Instagram is a very visual social media site focusing on images and videos, so if your business is highly visual, then Instagram could offer a great way to interact with your customers. But as with all these mediums, you need to posts regularly. And don’t forget to use hashtags – new people will find you this way. Instagram is designed to be used just from your mobile – it is supposed to be instant, so use it this way.

Pinterest is again highly visual and great for showcasing your work, especially if your products have a more personal target audience. Users can create visual lists of things they want, pinning them to their boards; so using this in conjunction with your e-commerce website can be a great idea. This is great as you can also have links to your website as well as the area you are based in.

Next steps to grow your business

We can help you select the social media sites that will be most beneficial to your business, explaining how they work and showing you how to use them; we can even make regular posts for you if that’s what you prefer. Along with blogging as well as perhaps Google Adwords, you will find these all excellent ways to keep advertising your business to a wider network.

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