Online Marketing

Getting your website seen on a search engine is probably the most important part of the project...

Finding the right search terms

Online marketing is a huge part of what we do at Sokada Ltd. Your website won’t get seen on a search engine all by itself. Some clients don’t want marketing for very specific reasons, but most businesses want their website to generate sales and enquiries.

How we set out your marketing plan depends on the type of website you have and what you are trying to achieve. An international e-commerce site will require us to use different marketing techniques than a local butcher who wants to improve footfall to their shop. Both have something in common though – the first step is research and you must find out what your customers will be searching for to find your website, or more specifically your services and products.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Once we know what a user is searching for to find the services you offer, we can alter the content of your website to reflect these keywords; the term used to describe this process is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. Optimising your website pages for specific search terms will help you improve your positions on a search engine like Google.

But I only offer a local service…

So you may think that search engines are only any good if you offer services to a national audience. That really couldn’t be any further from the truth. In fact several years ago Google realised that most people did searches for services and a locality, for instance “Website Designers in Heathfield”. So Google created a way for businesses to market themselves locally and one of the key areas of our business is helping local businesses make the most of this.

Measuring the success of your website

A critical part of any marketing project is testing and measuring. If we market your website, we will sit down with you and set up goals and targets for success. You will also get statistical reports to back these up and we will explain to you what the reports mean.