Ecommerce Websites

Are you ready to take your shop online? Let us help, we can guide you down this potentially tricky, yet rewarding path...

Do you know what you are getting into?

You have to go into any e-commerce project with your eyes wide open; a well-constructed, properly planned and implemented e-commerce solution could be the making of your business. But if you haven’t thought it through properly an e-commerce solution can also cost you a lot of time and potentially money; this is not meant to be negative, just honest.

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If you are developing a non e-commerce website you will only really need to provide a few basic items of content:

  • Some text, which you may have to write
  • And some images

Once the site is completed and your content is added the website will be complete.

When you are building an e-commerce website there is a lot more for you the client to think about:

  • Sourcing product data from the manufacturer
  • How often will you need to update this
  • What stock will you hold for each product
  • What payment gateway will you use to process cards
  • Do you need to get a merchant account
  • How are you going to manage sales
  • Where will you process and pack orders
  • What shipping/delivery options can you offer
  • Will these be processed by a third party
  • Do your packages need to be signed for
  • What is your returns policy
  • Do you have a full set of Terms & Conditions
  • Does your website comply with PCI DSS regulations

That is just a few of the things you may have to think about; so you can appreciate it can be confusing and just a little daunting, but it doesn’t need to be if you get the right people to help you.

We would love to build your ecommerce website

It’s really important that our clients go into the process with their eyes wide open. So if you want to discuss your online shop contact us, we will give you clear and practical advice on how you should go about it.

We are proud of all the work we’ve done for previous clients and invite anyone considering to work with us to read our reviews located on our Google Business page.

What CMS do you use to build an Ecommerce Website

We use WooCommerce for WordPress which means it can be integrated into your existing WordPress website and allows you to use the same CMS (Content Management System). This makes it far easier to manage your site and shop from the same place.

Will my Ecommerce Website be bespoke?

Yes they are, we create a bespoke theme within WordPress and then implement the WooCommerce plugin into this. Our project plan details exactly what you want your website to do and what functionality you need and this will be built into the theme.

Can you get my products on Google Shopping?

Yes we can, we are able to setup Google Product feeds via Woocommerce to allow your business to put all products online and update in real time. We’ve managed to do this for our customers ranging from 10 products to 10,000 products.

Can I manage my products from a spreadsheet?

Yes, our advanced spreadsheet importer and exporter for Woocommerce allowing you to work from an Excel spreadsheet for products. This enables people with a large quantity of products to manage their Woocommerce store easily.

What payment gateways do you support

We support a huge range of payment gateways with our Ecommerce stores. An example of a few of our integrations are Stripe, Paypal, Sage Pay, Worldpay, Amazon, Braintree and more! Please feel free to contact us to discuss a different payment gateway.

Who hosts my website?

We would normally prefer to host our clients websites, just because everything is easier for us to manage if we are the host. Our hosting comes with guaranteed up time and 24/7/365 support. We also include an SSL certificate with all our hosting and managing your sites WordPress updates.

Why should we use Sokada Web Design?

We are passionate about what we do, we care about our clients and the projects we work on and we will give you an opinion. We don’t just try and sell you something you don’t need because it makes us more money! Speak to our clients and see what they have said about us, then come and see us…

How long has Sokada built websites for?

Sokada has been designing and developing websites since 2016, which is a relatively short time but our management team and staff have been working in the industry for many years, some since 1997.