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About Us

We’re a dynamic team with a bundle of knowledge in designing, building and marketing successful websites…

Why choose Sokada?

From the start we will give you clear help and advice that you understand. A lot of the issues you are having really can be fixed by helping you understand them and by applying a large portion of common sense.

Many of our clients have previously had websites that haven’t worked for them and with our help their websites are now successful. They can then generate a return on their investment.

If you understand that your website is important to the success of your business, but also realise that you need help to develop it properly, then please contact us as we can definitely help you.

Meet the team

As a team we have many years of experience in the web design and internet marketing industry. If you do choose Sokada, as we hope you will, here are a few of the people you will be getting to know.

Julian Wates


Julian has been working with websites since the early days of the Internet in 1997.

One of his key roles at Sokada is to work with our clients to answer questions and formulate plans. Whether it’s building a new website or developing an old one he will be there to help you throughout the project, answering questions and keeping things on track.

Jude Wates


Jude will work with clients, improving their visibility online, via either the website or through social media. She loves blog writing and will create many different blogs that will keep your website fresh and inviting for your customers. Along with lots of keyword research, she works tirelessly to achieve what is needed for your business.

Our Full Team of Web Designers & Developers

We consistently have a great team of designers and developers. We work closely with each one and pick the right guy for each job!

This way, we have no production issues as we can always get each project completed for you.

Phil Clark - Old Barn Audio

We are really pleased with the results we are getting from Sokada – the level of enquiries are going up, as is the value of each job

Phil Clark

Old Barn Audio

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