Facebook Advertising

Just having a Facebook page isn't enough to get your business out there...

Advertise to the Right People with Facebook Advertising

Over the last few years, Facebook and other social media platforms have become more and more powerful. With an ever-increasing number of users all over the world… It’s almost become like a businesses dream. A place for you to broadcast your messages to a seemingly infinite number of people.

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Having a Facebook page as a local business is usually a good idea. To make sure that your brand is visible to your community. It’s particularly important if you have competitors who are on social media – they might be eating up all of your prospective clients and getting more traffic to their online website or bricks and mortar location.

But I Have a Facebook Page Already…

Why Do I Need to Spend Money on Advertising?

Sometimes simply having a Facebook page isn’t enough to get your business out there to the right people. Even if you are posting regularly, it can be difficult to get your name out there on such a crowded platform. This is where Facebook Advertising comes in.

Facebook Advertising has grown a lot with social media. Originally being similar to promoted posts or adverts on the side of the page, the platform has even come to rival Google’s Adwords that has dominated the online advertising market for many years.

You can use Facebook Advertising in a variety of different ways. What’s even better is you can target audiences in a much more granular way. This means that you can target potential customers who live in very specific areas, age ranges, and even people who have visited your site before. You can even look at the audience you already have, targeting similar types of people.

Is this the same as Boosting my Facebook Posts?

Using Facebook Advertising is different to simply paying to boost posts because you can really work to define who you want to see your advert. Sometimes boosting a Facebook post works effectively if you have a message you want to get out to as many people as possible. But If you want to spend your marketing budget on something that is proven to be more effective, then you ought to think about setting up Facebook Ads.

How we can Help

We can help you set up a Facebook advertising campaign that will work to your budgets, to increase traffic to your social media page, website, or even offline locations. We’ll work with you to make sure that we know exactly what you want to put across in your advertising, and who you want to show it to.

With Facebook having a spectacular amount of advertising available on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, we can help you work out where is best to advertise your business and work with you to make sure you’re achieving the right results.

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Instagram advertising can look like regular stories in the news feed or as an Ad in Instagram Stories. These types of ads can help drive traffic to your Instagram profile, website, or increase video views and brand awareness.

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Facebook has the largest variety of Ads to choose from. With Facebook advertising, you can pinpoint exact audiences and exactly how you want to target your audience. This can really help your marketing budget go further.

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Facebook Messenger has a few limited ways of advertising but still can prove to be a powerful tool in connecting with your audience. If you want to drive more communication between your audience and your business, Messenger might work well for you.

How we Measure your Success

We’ll also be tracking your advertising, to make sure you’re getting results. If you choose us to help you set up your Facebook Advertising campaign, we’ll work with you to make sure your adverts are meeting the goals you want to achieve.

We’ll keep you updated with the latest reports on how much traffic is coming to your Facebook page or website through Facebook advertising, and see if there’s anything we can do to get more out of your marketing budget.

Please get in touch if you want to increase your customer base, achieve more sales or if you want to increase brand awareness for your business. Please either give us a call on 01435 817226 or drop us a quick email to make your enquiry.