Uckfield Vets

Building a brand-new bespoke website for a long-established local veterinary practice in Uckfield.

About the client

Uckfield Vets have been caring for animals in the Uckfield and wider East Sussex area for over 60 years. Their work practices combine traditional values of a long-established veterinary practice with up-to-date knowledge from vibrant and friendly staff.

The practice based in Uckfield provides a wide range of veterinary care and treatment, including surgical, medical, x-rays, ultrasound, as well as many more medical services. They have plenty of expertise in treating a wide range of animals, from domestic animals such as dogs, cats, and rabbits; farm animals and even exotic species such as alpacas, llamas and other zoo animals. They have even treated penguins plus other animals from a local zoo!

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What did the client want?

We were approached by Uckfield Vets last year as their current website was starting to look dated, and was not very easy to update with useful information.

They were looking for an easy to use, bespoke website, that they could update with helpful medical advice for pet owners, and also reflect their image as a friendly, knowledgeable veterinary practice.

As keen animal lovers here at Sokada, we were more than happy to create a brand bespoke website for Uckfield Vets that would perfectly suit their needs.

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The Final Result

As you can see below the website is a clean and well-presented website that perfectly encapsulates their friendly attitude towards looking after and treating animals. We felt that the imagery would be a key part in making sure their approach to veterinary care was conveyed to the end-user. One of the practice staff members was a keen photographer and was able to get some really fantastic shots of the practice at work.

The website has some important new sections such as ‘Useful Information’ which contains plenty of help and advice pages for pet owners. There are also clear call-to-action style buttons for emergencies so in serious situations users can get through to a member of the practice as quickly as possible.

We think their new website is a fantastic representation of such a great local vetinary practice. Uckfield Vets are very pleased with their new website.

Take a look at their new website here: uckfieldvets.co.uk

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Marketing work

We are also really pleased that we are working with them to increase their social media presence and grow the pages on their website. Being a busy vets, they just don’t have the time to carry out successful campaigns, so we are organically growing their followers, publishing blog posts as well as creating new pages within the website to ensure they are found for all the knowledge and expertise they have.

They already had a Facebook page, but they are also now up and running on Instagram. Take a look and follow them!

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