SR Nutrition

Charlotte is one of the top UK nutritionists, specialising in child nutrition

A bit about SR Nutrition

Charlotte Stirling-Reed came to us from a great referral. She is a highly qualified nutritionist and spends most of her time either speaking on the subject of nutrition, or working with big named brands, highlighting the nutritional benefits of the products she is promoting.


What help did they need?

Charlotte wanted us to take a look at her website and come up with some ideas for how to improve it, especially in regard to her positions on search engines. Ultimately, Charlotte wants to grow her business and that means getting more visitors to her website and then hopefully more enquiries. But there wasn’t a bottomless pit of money to spend, so we needed to come up with some ideas and fit within the budget that was available.

What approach did we take?

We were lucky to start with, as the design of the website was good and because it already used WordPress. So changing a few things and making improvements would be much easier.

Charlotte offers a range of services and in particular ‘Child Nutrition’ was something that she wanted to focus on. Looking at the layout of the website, this wasn’t obvious so we suggested that restructuring the home page would focus more on the services she offers. We then created additional pages within the key sections to help promote these; breaking down Child Nutrition into three additional categories.

Charlotte already made good use of her blog but wanted a clearer direction so we set out some guidelines for the posts she is making and also helped with ideas for additional categories; for instance a Top Tips category where she could add shorter posts with help and advice.

This is a relatively new project for us and all seems really positive at the moment; we are hoping that over the next few months Charlotte will see an increase in enquiries and appointments.

  • Sokada have been fantastic in helping me to build new pages to my website, helping me with SEO and so much more! I would definitely recommend their services.

    Charlotte Stirling-Reed

    SR Nutrition