LED UK are LED lighting installation specialists, saving business owners serious amounts of money on the lighting bills

A bit about LED UK

LED UK supply and install LED lighting to businesses. We first met the Steve from LED UK at the Hailsham Chamber of Commerce Breakfast. They offer great savings on business lighting and can even get grants to help with the installation costs.

They had a website which had been up for several months, but it really wasn’t working for them. The traffic to the site had been minimal and hadn’t had many enquiries; there was something wrong but they just didn’t know what.

What they needed?

Well like most businesses they wanted their website to generate sales leads. What they needed was someone to help them understand why wasn’t it performing very well.

How We Helped

The first thing we did was review their website. This is a service we offer to companies who want to grow and develop their business through their website.

The review is broken down into three distinct areas, design, coding and marketing. We think it’s fair to say that most website designers will look at your website and just say it needs to be redesigned, because that’s the easiest way for them to make money. They don’t usually look at the code and almost certainly don’t consider the effect of either on your website marketing.

Well the website didn’t actually look that bad. There are always ways to improve things and we suggested a few that would make the site easier to use and also less frustrating.

The main problem was that the original development company didn’t really know anything about website marketing or SEO. The structure of the pages was poor and missing key marketing elements that would prevent them getting seen on search engines.

We recommended that they should keep the design but make a few essential changes. At the same time we would rebuild the back-end code of the website adding it to the WordPress frame work, and making sure that it was marketable.

Where are they now?

Well they now have a great looking website – its bright, modern and now built to help them grow their business. We didn’t get to help them with their Internet Marketing because they managed to secure a grant which specified another marketing company to help with this. But we worked well with them and the site is now being optimised and promoted to Google etc.