Social Media Platforms For Your Business

Decide which social media platforms you want to be on and allocate time to make them really work well for you...

We speak to many clients who want to move ahead with their social media presence. But they don’t always know which platforms to focus most of their attention on. It can certainly be a bit overwhelming and we know how busy most people are and how precious their time is. There are only a certain amount of hours in every day after all!

You need to decide which platforms you want to be on so you can focus your time on just these to market your business as effectively as possible.

So here is a quick summary, which may help you to decide which you should be working on the most, for your specific business.

Social Media Platforms

Facebook – great for local businesses

This seems to have taken quite a dive. It definitely still has a place in the market for most businesses. But unless you are offering something to an end client, then it probably isn’t worth your while working on Facebook too much. Have a presence on there by all means, but if you are a B2B company then don’t beat yourself up too much as you won’t be now gaining hundreds of followers a week!

Facebook is great for small as well as local businesses. It works especially well for local businesses such as pubs, beauty treatments, hairdressers, restaurants etc, where people can recommend you and you can share posts to local groups. Here you can post offers, menus, local services and much more.

Unless you already have a large following, then you will now struggle to grow your followers quickly.

It is great for paid Facebook marketing if you have a product you want to promote or an offer you want to make the most of. This is also linked to Instagram so paid marketing can be promoted on both platforms. You can create a video or some static images that then link to your website. You can remarket to people who come onto your website, but also set up a demographic of the type of people you would like to see your ads.

Instagram – you can be found by anyone here

This is such a visual platform but like facebook, seems to being taken over with suggested posts and paid promotions. So many people, even massive celebrities are commenting that their posts, as well as stories aren’t being seen as much as before. This is so frustrating for businesses, as hashtags aren’t now as effective and people just don’t see your posts.

Stories are great to use as you can add links into them, but again they aren’t being seen as much as before.

Reels are also great, as they seem to be seen more and are being promoted as the best way to get seen on Instagram right now. Have you actually tried creating a Reel? It takes a bit of practice but once you have got the hang of it and the confidence to do it, then it is definitely worthwhile doing.

As with Facebook, it is still great to have a good presence here, but it definitely isn’t running so well for businesses as it was, say a year or so ago.

Tiktok – for any service or product!

So many people shy away from Tiktok and it could be seen as quite a scary platform to use. But it definitely isn’t just for youngsters and if you have something to offer, then you should be on here. You don’t have to do all the trending dances or really silly stuff, you can promote your business how you want to do it. But using trending sounds and a few choice hashtags will help to get you seen well.

This platform does seem to be getting a better presence for businesses and individuals alike. Ask questions, get interactions and responses, make your videos informative, natural and fun! There are so many effects you can use that make your posts stand out. Be brave and put yourself on there, People will watch more if there is a face or faces to the brand. Tiktok doesn’t have to be as styled as Instagram, you just need to make people want to watch for more. Make people laugh!

Social Media Platforms For Your Business

Linkedin – perfect for B2B

This platform isn’t for everyone. You don’t want this to be the new Facebook, so keep it interesting but for business. Have your own individual profile on Linkedin, but also, if appropriate, a business page. Keep it regularly updated and use a few relevant hashtags. you can search for the good ones to use. Share posts from your business page to your own individual profile if suitable and appropriate which will help to grow your presence.

This is where many businesses are finding the best growth and interaction at the moment.

Pinterest – got something creative to share?

There is still a place for Pinterest and obviously it is very visual. If you are offering a creative service or product then using Pinterest will be certainly worthwhile.

Google – just watch your budgets here

Google Ads is certainly a great platform for you to be on if you decide to go down this route. But it isn’t a visual platform, so unless you have a large budget, then think carefully about using this as it could quickly eat up your money. If you have products to sell, then you will need lots of campaigns so you can target each one separately. It is great for brand awareness, but don’t always expect to convert this way, unless you are really targeting what you are wanting to promote.

Google Shopping is far better for you to use if you are selling products rather than a service. You can only use this platform if you have an online shop. Both Google platforms are highly saturated, so don’t always expect to be seen for the massive keywords. Try and find niche ways to be found as you will get far more bang for your buck!

And make sure your website is top notch for both – Google will prioritise those websites that have great quality scores and you will only get these if the page you point people to is relevant to your keywords and your ad text.

YouTube – can you help people?

Again, as with Tiktok and Reels, do you have something you can offer on video? People still love a YouTube video (it is a massive search engine) and it is great to promote your business if you have something that people will be interested to watch.

Amazon and Etsy – great to sell on these

We don’t actually work on these two platforms but they definitely have a great place in the market if you are selling your products. They take quite a large portion in commission, so be prepared for this. Plus it is good to have an excellent understanding of both platforms before you sell on them. Make sure you read lots of online info on how to promote your products as well as possible! Watch Tiktoks, YouTube videos and other online tutorials – be as well prepped as possible!

Social Media Platforms For Your Business

What is next? Get in touch!

If you aren’t working on your social presence as much as you want to be and would like some help, then please get in touch.

We will be honest with you and recommend which platforms will be best for you as a business and what will hopefully be the most beneficial. We can either set them up for you and give you the tools to do it yourself, or create schedules and post for you. The choice is yours! First steps though…get in touch!