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Facebook releases some top tips on writing ad copy

Creating ad copy in under 70 characters is no mean feat, so recently Facebook has shared their five tips to help you level up in your ad writing skills. Facebook mentions that brands should create a unique tone of voice to stand out, add value propositions to ads that feature products, showcase why consumers should use them, and how they’ll benefit from buying their product.

Here’s Facebook’s formula to writing successes ad copy

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Twitter launches ‘Fleets’

This probably sounds pretty familiar but the biggest news to come out of social media this month is ‘Fleets’, Twitter’s version of ephemeral content. Think Instagram stories.

When using Twitter through your mobile device, you’ll now be able to see a few profiles you follow lined up at the top of your feed. Twitter has described ‘Fleets’ as a way for people to “talk more,” “feel more comfortable joining the conversation,” leading people to share “personal and casual thoughts, opinions and feelings.”

With ‘Fleets’ you can upload text, embed tweets, share an image or video as well as edit backgrounds to personalise. Just like Instagram, you can also reply to ‘Fleets’ through DMs to continue the conversation. This is a great opportunity for businesses to highlight promotions, competitions, new products and see how engaged their audience is as you can see who’s viewed your ‘Fleet’.

Search by keywords through Instagram

So we’ve covered Facebook and Twitter, but what about Instagram? Well they’ve recently rolled out the ability to search by keyword on the app. I know what you’re thinking – you can do this already? Well yes and no… Existing search was based on location tags and hashtags, this new feature now includes the content itself. It uses machine learning to work out the best posts based on your search, the caption used and when it was posted. It’s only been launched in 6 countries so far, with the UK included, so it’s still relatively new but keep your eyes peeled on how you’ll be able to use posts especially for search. All we can say for now is “test, test, and test again!”

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