New Instagram Reels Feature!

Keeping up with everything that is social media can be exhausting, but this may just be worth doing...

So apparently hashtags are on their way out. Who wants to see a whole bunch of hashtags at the end of a post? The head of Instagram has said this before “No one really wants to see 20 hashtags, use just a couple” Sure they did work for quite a while and we do think they are still useful for the algorithm, but there is a new section that has just popped up that will also help. There is now a new Instagram Reels feature that we are going to try out.

New Instagram Reels Feature

So what does this mean?

Instagram has been trying to clean up and find better ways to improve the platform, to keep people on for longer. As with all social media platforms, Instagram is having to really think about what it is now doing, with TikTok starting to really rule the roost with the younger generation, as well as many others who are now loving a good browse.

What is this new Instagram Reels Feature?

When you post a Reel on Instagram now, you can also select up to 3 topics before posting.

This will then help to categorise your Reels so they can be seen by the viewers who show an interest in this topic.

Whenever Instagram roll out a new feature, Instagram will reward those who use it. Just make sure that the topics you select actually match your Reel!

Don’t just rely on this new Topics function alone though – not yet anyway. The keywords you use in your Reel will also help to show Instagram how to categorise it. And maybe just add 2 or 3 hashtags to help enhance it – not 30!

Give the new Instagram Reels feature a go and let us know how you get on!