How to beat writer’s block when blog writing

We all struggle with writers block from time to time. Our blog on how to beat writer's block when blog writing gives you a few handy tips to get you started.

There is nothing worse than having a deadline, an idea or even the motivation to write a fantastic blog when you are suffering from writer’s block! You can be the best blogger there is and have so many ideas flowing but just be completely stuck on where to start and how to approach it. We have definitely had writer’s block and have found some ways to help, so here are some tips on how to beat writer’s block when blog writing. 

Forget about an introduction

We have always been taught to have a beginning, middle and end when writing, which is still important but, what if we banish the beginning for now and just start slap bang in the middle? Often the trickiest part is knowing where to start, so don’t. Just jump right in the middle and come back to doing the introduction. It can often feel unnatural just starting in the middle when we are wired to think chronologically. The main part of a blog is the juicy middle bit where all the content is really flowing and you’ve hooked the reader, this is the bit that really makes the blog so just take the leap and start with it.  Realistically all you are doing by getting hung up on writing the introduction is wasting time, and stressing yourself out. Start where you know you have something to say and piece it all together later on.

Start early! 

Start writing way in advance to avoid being stressed and panicked about deadlines. If you start early it means you can consistently come back to it when you are completely stuck on what to write. Ever heard the expression ‘nose blind’ well if you stare at your writing for too long you are just going to start to miss over any mistakes and it won’t end up being your best work. It’s better to start it early and be able to come back to it on a different day with a completely fresh mindset. This way you see things clearer, maybe have better ideas and be far less stressed when writing, meaning you will enjoy it. 

Don’t be too harsh on yourself

You’re not going to get anywhere by putting crazy amounts of pressure on yourself. Don’t strive for perfection the first time. The main thing is just getting something down, you can always adapt and edit and re-arrange anything once it’s down. Beating yourself up when you are stuck on what to write is only going to cause more writer’s block. So relax, grab a coffee and start where you can. We guarantee you that taking that pressure off yourself will open up your mind to all sorts of creative ideas ready for your blog.

Have a list of topics saved

Saving a list of great topics for a rainy day is the best way to help you when you are completely stuck for ideas. If you have a file of things that you know are great titles for your writing, use it. If you are sitting there twiddling your thumbs over the title and what you even want to talk about, you can look at your chosen topics, choose one and get started. Sometimes you don’t have writer’s block when it comes to getting the content down, but you in fact just need a good topic to talk about.

Change your environment

Depending on your situation and whether you are lucky enough to work from home, if you can, change the environment you write in. Grabbing your laptop and working from a coffee shop, a park, or even a friend’s house can help distract you from worrying about what to write and just free you from the pressure. And if you do work in an office, take a break away from the computer! Get outside, read something else and try to think of something else for a while. And of course, the benefit of working in an office is you likely have colleagues who may be able to offer you advice and tips on the blog you are writing. 

We hope this helped!

Writer’s block is the bane of any, marketer, content writer or blogger’s writing life. It happens to the best of us. Hopefully our tips on how to beat writer’s block when blog writing has helped. Please be sure to follow us on our social media channels and to get in touch with us if you have any more questions.