Does My Website Need A Blog?

Some great points as to why your website should have a blog added...

When you first think of blogging you may think that it’s a long, time-consuming task that will take you hours to write and edit. Gone are the days of 3000-word blogs with no image and just endless facts firing at you. Now blogging for your business is all about creating engaging, informative and easy-to-read writing. It is essentially a great way to market and build more attention to your brand.

Boost your SEO

As a business, you are going to want as much visibility as possible and ideally pop up on that first page of Google. This is where SEO is your best friend. Search Engine Optimisation comes from using keywords on your website that will hope to get you ranking well on Google. And, what better way to get some great keywords in than within a blog? Often one of the beauties of blog writing is that you would have already included some great keywords without even noticing. The better your keywords are the more you’re optimising your website, which then in turn will get more visits.

Does My Website Need A Blog?

Gives you great Social Media Content 

As we know, social media is a great place to show off your skills. If you have written a fantastic blog then, of course share, share, share! Your followers will love your content and hopefully visit the blog page.

Social media is a great place to promote your blog and it has so many tools to make it easier for your followers to find it. If you are using Instagram to promote your piece of writing, you can use highlights to create a set place for your followers to easily find all your blog posts. And, of course, you can link your blogs on stories and Facebook, making it easy for your followers to access. 

Builds Customers Loyalty

People who regularly visit your website and follow you on social media obviously love your brand, so of course they would love to read some of your content. Blogs can be made really fun and unique. You might want your blogs to focus more on some of the behind-the-scenes side of your brand or maybe more about the team. This can humanise your brand if you’re struggling to find a way to connect with your customers.

Does My Website Need A Blog?

A great place to answer questions

Do you freqently get asked question about your work? If so, then probably people are asking the same questions online. So the best thing for you to do is answer them!

Title your blog post with the question and then within your post, answer it as fully as you can. Break it down with some well written “keyword rich”sub headers, images, as well as smaller bite size paragraphs (this aways helps with your readers!). Then link where you can to the main services or other pages within your website. That way, people can see what else you can help them with, alongside answering these important questions.

You can share company achievements and news!

Just like connecting with your audience, it can be a great place to show off achievements and news from your business. Blogs are a great place to make announcements and news. This would then become a frequently looked-at page as your customers would keep an eye on any news coming up within your company. Maybe you are hiring? Or perhaps someone has been promoted? Or maybe even your team has gone out for a work lunch. It’s a great way to further connect with your audience and keep them in the loop with updates in your business.

It creates long-term results

One of the best things about blogs is their long-term results. Blog posts are slow burners and what we mean by this is you might not get loads of attention on the first day of posting. Blogs have keywords and are optimised, if someone searches for something that relates to your blog, even if it’s a few weeks old, it is likely to pop up. It’s a great way to continuously get new readers. And if your content is still relevant then it never gets old. 

Does my website need a blog?

We reckon the answer to this question is a resounding “yes”! If you have anything interesting to say about your business whatsoever, then here is the platform to say it.

Hopefully, this has given you a little insight and gives you some insight into whether your website needs a blog. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to get in touch