Creating Content for Great Website Marketing

Some top tips to make sure your website content does the job.

Written content for your website is vital. For creating new pages, SEO, as well as for people to link to, share and also to be found for. What it also does is to give Google new information to crawl through – which is important to keep you lifted in the gods of search ranking. Creating content for great website marketing gets you seen over your competitors!

And whilst some people will flog content and just spew it out, writing relevant content that is important for your business will show potential customers that you are the person to work with.

Will they read all your text?

Whilst people will probably not read through the whole of the text on your page, they will find your page for the search term you are focussing on and perhaps scan through it. And that is where content works – you can write about all sorts of information which gets you found for different search terms. Having lots of pages with relevant titles are perfect for getting you seen for main search terms as well as “long tail” keywords.

Make your pages interesting:

  • Add bullet points
  • Create images
  • Use videos
  • Add in stats – people love stats! And so do search engines
  • Use “top tips” “top 5” and “how to” titles
  • Title your content with a question?
blocks of text 576x1024 1

Make important keyword phrases bold or add them as a title

Make important parts of your text stand out. Put them in quotes, make them a title, make them bold… we are always drawn to headings.

People will read what is underneath if they find your heading important. But don’t put everything as a heading – again they need to be relevant!

Having a big block of text with no images will really put people off reading what’s on your page. They’ll read even less than if you break up your content and try and make it a bit more interesting.

Images are another great way of complementing and breaking up your website content. It might also make it easier to get your message across, we all know the saying that a picture can paint a thousand words…

Don’t forget you can also use subheadings!

Make sure you have a call to action!

Always try and add in a call to action, where you can. Like a button to ask people to get in touch, email or call you. Make it easy for people to do this. Make telephone numbers and email addresses clickable where you can – this is really important for conversions.

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Add in the main keywords to your text that you are writing about. Strengthen your page by making your text relevant to what you are saying. This will lift your page in the rankings!

Add in links to your pages. Internal links as well as external. People can then click from one page to another, which keeps them on your website longer. The longer they stay, the better your website will fair. It’s not rocket science. Search engines like websites that have something useful and important to say, are non-spammy, and are relevant to their title. When people stay on your website, they prove they are finding what you say is useful!

Creating Content for Great Website Marketing

And write interesting articles. They don’t have to be really long, but they need to be relevant to what you are talking about. Creating content for great website marketing will lift your website, you could get some great backlinks if someone links to your information (which is soooo important) and will strengthen your online trust.