5G – Is it the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

By 2025, 20% of World Population will be using the upcoming 5G network. 5G aims to reduce download speeds and drastically reduce battery consumption...

What is 5G?

5G, whether you are familiar with it or not, stands for fifth generation. It is the fastest, latest version of mobile phone technology, which is going to drastically cut out slow download speeds. 5G will also show the latest developments in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

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It aims to work in low latency – meaning that there will be an end to time based communication delays. Therefore, information will be provided in real time, wirelessly. Fifth Generation mobile technology has the greatest capacity yet, being able to connect 1 million devices per km2, so you can work at your best.

How will 5G affect us as Consumers?

5G will affect so many industries – these are just a few examples…

New technology will enable Healthcare to take the latest advances, such as virtual assistance during surgery. This would mean complex procedures could be carried out through a live call with other surgeons. 5G will enable patient information to be uploaded virtually. This means that clinicians can treat patients faster, without the administration delays.

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A virtual brain developed using AR technology.

It will also affect Retail as online stores can take advantage of the AR tool, when trying products out. Then they would be able to personalise products before they purchase. The virtual reality element would mean consumers could see exactly what they want – at ease. For the Entertainment industry, so video games can be accessed via the cloud platform, needing less high powered devices in order for them to run without the low speeds so many gamers are used to.

For those working in manufacturing, engineers will be able to be more futuristic by visualising projects through AR (Augmented reality). Due to its speed and interconnectivity, it can be used to check for faults using 5G drones. This will make buildings safer.

It will have the most impact on those in the Automotive industry allowing constant communication with other vehicles. Real time information is arguably most important in this sector as it will prevent crashes and provide travel information.

What does it mean for the Future of Business?


Fifth Generation mobile technology will enable businesses to work faster and more efficiently. The latest developments mean that more amounts of data and images can be stored and shared – making communication seamless. At larger events where previously it would be difficult to obtain a signal, if using 5G this problem won’t occur. This is because it will be able to cope with high internet traffic, improving the experience for everyone.

These are our thoughts on the newest technology … what are yours?