New Website Design For Heathfield Beauty Salon

A great website with easy navigation, a nice fresh design and to see it on all devices....

New, fresh & vibrant

We are pleased to publish today, a new website design for Heathfield beauty salon Blackdoor Beauty. A very well established local company based in Station Road, Heathfield, who have many therapists and are extremely well thought of in the East Sussex area for facial treatments, massage as well as other body and non surgical cosmetic treatments.

What they had

New Website Design For Heathfield Beauty Salon

Blackdoor have a good number of visitors to their website on a daily basis; having previously carried out a local marketing campaign with us, but the original site was looking dated, not easy to navigate, as well as not being responsive. Customers were finding it difficult to see the information on their mobile devices, leading to them leaving the website, rather than browsing for longer to find out about new treatments available.

The old website had a black background, bright yellow as well as white writing; which can also make for difficult to read text, making the whole user experience ineffective and not necessarily the most pleasant for this genre of industry, where it is all about beautiful things.

What they now have

New Website Design For Heathfield Beauty Salon

The new Blackdoor Beauty website is bright, fresh and lively. It is now so easy to navigate, which is one of Sokada’s beliefs, when designing a new website; and it really showcases the offers, what treatments consist of and what you get for your money.

new website design

It is effective on mobile devices, has a clear call to action and looks vibrant and inviting.

Sokada look forward to hearing about all the new clients they will gain now the new website is live.

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