Local Marketing

When you make an online search do you add the name of a town, place or location? Most people do

Google My Business local searches

More and more people are making local searches for the products and services they require, so it is really important that your business not only has a local presence on the internet but is also effective.

Local Marketing Company in Sussex - Sokada LtdSeveral years ago Google made some massive changes to how they displayed local search results; they featured local results in its own section at the top of the results page. To help businesses get the most from this they gave every business a FREE local business page. There are lots of businesses out there that still don’t know about this or don’t know how to maximise the opportunity that this page gives them.

Do You Search Locally?

80% of consumers use search engines to find local information and 50% of all users who searched on a mobile phone visited a store within one day of the search. These are not only great reasons to make the most of your Google My Business page but also to make sure your website is responsive; so that it works properly on a mobile device.

Our work is mainly driven by referrals and our desire to help businesses; not just with their website design, but also their online marketing. And this is proving very successful for us, as well as our customers.  We love working with local businesses; and they don’t just need to be local to us – we work with customers all over the country.

Once you meet or speak with us, you will realise that we know what we are talking about and can offer the advice you need to really start getting your website seen online.

If you have any questions in regard to promoting your business locally or making the most of your Google My Business listing, please contact us as we can definitely help you. A Local Marketing Company in Sussex who work with you at a grass roots level getting you the results you really want.

The success of this joint venture is clearly skill based on behalf of Sokada. More than this, it’s about working with the right people, people we like, people we trust, people who care about what they do, people who care about my business. I have no problems in recommending this firm to others who are considering a similar venture. By the same token anyone who wishes to have a chat on the phone to discuss this further are most welcome.  We look forward to a long term working relationship with Sokada.

Tony Brewin

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