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First impressions really do count; the look and feel of your website reflects on your business, services and products

It does matter how your website looks

The first time a person views your website, they will make assumptions about your business and the services that you offer; before they read anything they are forming opinions based on what they can see.

Your website should look great and be simple to use. The navigation should be obvious, enabling a visitor to find their way around easily. There should also be a clear call to action – what is it that you want a visitor to do? Do you want them to buy something, to fill in a form or just call you? Whatever it is you need to make that clear.

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Design is not just about pretty pictures; yes they help but how content looks is also very important. You can’t just throw a load of text into your lovely website, you need to break the content into sections and add images to balance the page and make it easy to read.

Strong foundations allow you to prosper

As important as the design is, you have to couple this with a sound site structure. Slightly less visually exciting, but your website will never be a success if you don’t plan it properly and build it using quality code.

99% of our websites are built using WordPress, including our own. This is a very popular system that includes a fantastic blogging facility, very easy to use content management system and it is flexible enough to allow us to build our websites how we want to.

The marketing benefits of using WordPress make it a simple choice for us. Quite simply if you want to maximise your presence on the internet you should build your website using WordPress.


Being responsive

Gone are the days when a potential customer will only look at your website on their desktop computer. They could now be viewing it on a multitude of devices, including tablets and mobile phones.

If your website is responsive it will automatically detect what device the website is being viewed on and display the content correctly for that device.

Google published an article in 2015 stating they would start to penalise websites who are not “mobile friendly” and the websites that are responsive will gradually take precedence over non mobile friendly websites.

So if you want a successful website you must have a responsive one.

At Sokada, we work with companies all over the UK. Always nice to put a face to a name but with any web design or marketing, this can be carried out via the telephone, Skype or by email. Based in Heathfield, we mainly work throughout East Sussex, so that we can meet up to chat about design and marketing; however this really is not a prerequisite to working with us, so please call 01435 817226 if you are looking for web designers in Sussex, or fill in our enquiry form and someone will be straight back to you.

Fiona Blaxland

The Sokada team are friendly, efficient and creative. Their service has gone beyond building a modern functioning website that I am proud of, to helping me with emails, business support, analytics and social media. I cannot recommend Sokada more highly, they are and will continue to be, an invaluable part of my business.

Fiona Blaxland

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