Rocking the Updated Sway Website…

Regular updates and new web pages are vital to keep potential customers revisiting you...

New clients Sway Allstars Orchestra are a London based band who have spent many years perfecting their skill.

They have played for some extremely high profile people, from the rich & famous to royalty from all over the world. Top of their game and a really great bunch of people.

We started chatting with them as they had a website but it wasn’t working for them. It had very little information on it and had not been updated for a while. They wanted to keep their website up to date, through search engines as well as social media, confirming that they really know what they are doing and to really showcase their amazing work.

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What we are working on

So the guys at Sokada suggested a few changes which is already making a huge difference to the number of visitors coming to and finding their website:

  1. We transferred it into WordPress, which is an ideal platform for marketing a website
  2. We updated the home page, making it look more current and welcoming
  3. We made the navigation simple, showing potential customers everything that the band does
  4. Added a blog – A definite necessity and just take a look at where they have been!
  5. Set their website up so we could actually see how many people are visiting them and the stats that Google Analytics gives
  6. We are in the process of adding new pages, showcasing the type of work synonymous to Sway Allstars Orchestra
  7. We have added a gallery – they have so many photographs of where they have been, who they have sung for and what they have done that we had to show it off!
  8. We are being consistent with their social media, regularly updating Facebook an Twitter and finding new people to follow the band
  9. We now write regular blogs for them, based on some of the amazing gigs they have done
  10. We are also going to break down the line-ups for the band as they offer so many variables

Sokada are looking forward to a great ongoing relationship with Sway Allstars Orchestra. This is what David Brooks has to say: