An Honest Testimonial

I have no problems in recommending this firm to others who are considering a similar venture. By the same token anyone who wishes to have a chat on the phone to discuss this further are most welcome...

It always great to get a new testimonial from one of our clients. Super Event are local business who we have been working with for several months now, firstly on web design and then online marketing. Their new website was launched at the start of September and we have been working with them since to increase their online presence.

What I particularly like about this testimonial is that it is very honest. It doesn’t seem to overstate what we have done for the client and they have been quite reserved in their thoughts, but in the end it shows that we have built a great relationship with them. Anyone who knows us as a business will know that this is one of the most important things to us, building relationships with great local businesses.

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“For some time we where thinking about a new website. The content of the website is pretty easy actually. My Co-director is pretty good at getting the detail together we want to place before our customers. The biggest issue for so many of us in business is finding someone to work with that  who puts our business interests before their own, someone we trust, and simply someone we like.

Needless to say, (but will) we also have to be confident that whomever we work with has the skill base to do the job.  More than this, they must have an “I can do attitude”  I have little interest in people telling me what the problems are. I want someone to create solutions for me.  People who proudly say the likes of “You know what the problem is” are two a penny everywhere you look.   I want to work with problem solvers not problem identifiers!

We are a small modest sized firm and “we like to like the people we work with”  I think if the truth is known our business relationship started almost by accident.  I called Julian one day with some small problem (I didn’t know him, he didn’t know me) but seemingly the moment we put the phone down….he was at the office door offering help.  That quick that simple, mighty impressed we were too!

Detailed discussions took place, both sides throwing ideas around.  We all felt we could work together, and that’s vital, all of us on the same page, seeking the same outcome.  Julian, his firm Sokada, being local to us has been a real advantage.  We can have a quick face to face chat regularly, quickly, easily.  I might add that Julian was and remains always available to do just about anything.

The outcome – the website was, as we hoped, on time, and on budget.  We are pleased with the final website and continue to fine tune it, working with Julian.  That’s the web site up and running!  We also work with Julian and Jude at Sokada with ongoing SEO.

This one topic for us, for years has been incredibly high budget, with average to modest outcomes at best.  A very frank conversation took place at the onset very much along the lines of “This is the budget, this is what we are looking to achieve”  The problem we all have with SEO work on our websites is that we have all come across “The village idiot SEO engineer” who promises the world, seemingly charges the world and frankly delivers next to nothing. Julian and Jude (Jude very heavily involved with the SEO side of this venture) where very realistic, have a very common sense approach to the SEO plan, and did not over promise. We have an agreed program of work and we are seeing results.  I can only say it like it is, we are happy with the website and the SEO work… is working.

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The success of this joint venture is clearly skill based on behalf of Sokada. More than this, it’s about working with the right people. People we like, people we trust, people who care about what they do, people who care about my business. I have no problems in recommending this firm to others who are considering a similar venture. By the same token anyone who wishes to have a chat on the phone to discuss this further are most welcome.  We look forward to a long term working relationship with Sokada.”

Tony Brewin
Managing Director
Super Event