Web Designers in Heathfield

Sometimes all you actually need is the right advice for your business...

Some Great New Online Clients

Having been drawn back to Heathfield, the guys from Sokada are settling back in nicely. Already having a few clients based in and around Heathfield, we have taken on lots more, which is a great testament to the way we work. There are a few web designers in Heathfield, but we like to think, with the local marketing we offer, that we can bring something else to the table.

Website Designers in Heathfield

Our work is mainly driven by referrals and our desire to help customers; not just with their website design, but also their online marketing. And this is proving very successful for us as well as our customers.  We love working with local businesses; and they don’t just need to be local to us – we work with customers as far as Cornwall, as busy as London and even a couple who are abroad. However, here, we want to touch on a few businesses that you will recognise from around  Heathfield in East Sussex.

Heathfield Businesses we work with

Blackdoor Beauty – the local and amazing beauty salon based in Heathfield. A real gem of a company, who see the need to push ahead with their website, the marketing of their business and to really start shouting about what services they provide. A new website for them is winging its way as we speak…

Cycle Revival – the local bicycle experts. What they don’t know about bikes and bike repairs really isn’t worth knowing. Not our website designs, but we have worked with them and their website over the years, steadily growing their website presence to the local market.

Greener Plumbing and Heating – a company in Heathfield that have amazing aspirations and are consistently putting their marker on the plumbing and heating map within the are of Sussex. They are really seeing the benefits to all the marketing work we have been carrying out for them, as we go into their offices once a week to work on their website and social media.

Wanted On Voyage – the new travel shop in Heathfield that sells top quality travel accessories. Their website is just about to go live and then you will be able to buy their products online as well as coming into their brand new high street shop- even easier!

Sway Allstars Orchestra – actually a fantastic London band for hire, but as some of them are based in Heathfield, we started chatting to them about how they could market their business online further. We have worked hard on their website, making it responsive as well as adding lots of new information to it; really showcasing some of the wonderful venues they’ve played at and people they have both sung with and for.

Authentic Reclamation – just outside Heathfield, but this is one of our flagship websites. A small company that has grown and grown in the years we have worked with them. They had their website redesigned a couple of years ago and now showcase their stock as well as having recently had a blog added. They went from spending a large marketing budget to now only marketing themselves through their website – a great success story.

Local as well as online marketing is not just a one off exercise. It is always a work in progress and you really must not give us too soon. It takes time for a website to find its place on the internet, be seen and expand. We have a template we work towards with local marketing; for customers who have spent years paying out for traditional methods of marketing their business, through directories, flyers and other forms of manual paper marketing, now find that with the techniques we work on for their website, they can rely solely on this form of marketing to bring in sufficient leads to make their business a real success.

Working with some amazing and experienced people, as web designers in Heathfield we consider that we can help and advise with all things online. Along with easy to navigate creative web design, local marketing as well as blogging and social media we can help you with; if you choose to work with Sokada, then your business will really start to fly. We look forward to taking off with you….