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As with local and online marketing, your new web design will be something special...

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Having been drawn back to Heathfield, the guys from Sokada are settling back in nicely. Already having a few clients based in and around Hailsham, we have taken on and are talking to quite a few more, which is a great testament to the way we work. There are a few companies who are web designers in Hailsham, but we like to think, with the local marketing we offer, that we can bring something else to the table.

Blogging & Social Media

Our work is mainly driven by referrals and our desire to help customers; not just with their website design, but also their online marketing. And this is proving very successful for us as well as our customers.  We love working with local businesses; and they don’t just need to be local to us – we work with customers as far as Cornwall, as busy as London and even a couple who are abroad. However, here, we want to touch on a few businesses that you will recognise from around  Hailsham in East Sussex.

Hailsham Businesses we work with

Focus Medical Eye Centre are one of our most reliable customers. And they really see the importance of marketing their website as well. It is looking great and being found for so many searches for their expertise.

Hart Reade – solicitors in Eastbourne, Polegate and Hailsham, who have seen over the years how important local marketing is and that they need to keep evolving with their website. A great bunch of people to work with.

Green Fig Catering Company – one of our real success stories. Working with them for the past few years, they do no other marketing for their company as their website brings in plenty of enquiries. With all the new localised pages we have set up, they are as busy as they could possibly be!

Local as well as online marketing is not just a one off exercise. It is always a work in progress and you really must not give up too soon. It takes time for a website to find its place on the internet, be seen and expand. We have a template we work towards with local marketing; for customers who have spent years paying out for traditional methods of marketing their business, through directories, flyers and other forms of manual paper marketing, now find that with the techniques we work on for their website, they can rely solely on this form of marketing to bring in sufficient leads to make their business a real success.

Web design in Hailsham includes creating easy to navigate creative websites, but we also focus heavily on local marketing as well as blogging and social media. If you choose to work with Sokada then we explain all our processes and work with you to create a great online presence. Based in Heathfield, we work with customers all over East Sussex to create an effective online campaign.