Wanted On Voyage

A specialist East Sussex shop with some great knowledge about quality travelling accessories

A bit about Wanted On Voyage

The guys from Wanted On Voyage approached Sokada as they had acquired premises in Heathfield and were opening a shop. Specialising in Thule top boxes, roof racks and all that is extreme sports, family holidays and travel accessories, they wanted a website that could also sell online.

wanted on voyage2

What they wanted

We received a project brief detailing the company and how it was to be portayed online. They give a first class service and the website needed to show the quality of products and services they will be selling.

As well as selling their products online and through their East Sussex shop, they also hire top boxes and the coordinating roof bars. Offering an experienced fitting service as well, so customers can be sure that they have this important aspect of their holiday sorted.

How We Helped

We kept in touch. This was a long term project and needed to be exactly right. It needed care to sort out the shipping of the products, as some are large and weigh a lot. The website also needed to show the expert help the owners of  Wanted On Voyage would be offering. This is probably one of our favourite websites to date; especially as it has lots of lovely snowy photos and pictures of skiing!

We wish them all the best and look forward to working with them on the marketing of this great new local company.