Thunder Vodka

Thunder Vodka – toffee+vodka straight from the French Alps…

A bit about Thunder

Thunder Vodka is a local company with huge aspirations and they are really making their mark on the alcohol industry, both in the UK as well as worldwide.

Now selling on major airlines as well as being stocked in many shops; the guys and girls at Thunder work tirelessly at shows and events across the country getting the word as well as the taste of their Thunder toffee+vodka out there.

thunder 1

How Sokada are helping to increase sales

With the addition of a new online shop it was going to be important to increase the amount of visitors to the website, but that wasn’t the only area we had to focus on. Thunder are always looking to improve the awareness of their products to the public and this was also something they were keen to keep working on.

So we added a blog; this will allow us to highlight the events and show that they are attending, add new cocktail recipes and generally make more noise about the products.

We audited their social media and worked out with the team a plan for making more use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; with regular offers being added along with regular posts.

Since we have been working on their marketing, the web visitors are up by 13% with the number of page views up by nearly 50% and sales are starting to increase.