Improving Working Life of Disabled people in for over 25 years…

About the client

Thriiver was established in 1997 (formerly known as Hands Free Computing) and have a real passion for helping with support for disabled people in the workplace. Offering solutions and training that are tailored to their requirements in their specific area.

They are also a key supplier through the government’s Access to Work Scheme providing software, hardware, training & coaching for disabled employees in the workplace as well as aftercare through technical support.

The Brief

Thriiver approached us, as their current site was quite a few years old and not as easy to navigate as it once was. They were looking for a more modern and easy-to-navigate website for their clients that would better reflect their values as a modern, professional business.

As they offer many different products and services to their customers, they were also looking for an E-Commerce website that would be easy to navigate and add new products to.

The Final Result

As you can see, their new website is a clean and professional-looking website, which is exactly what Thriiver were looking for.

It was important for this company that the website could integrate with the ‘Access Angel Toolbar‘. This is a product provided by Thriiver and helps to enhance the usability of a website with features such as Text-to-Speech, Speech Recognition, Magnification, and changeable font styles and sizes.

With clear navigation, search and quick links, there is also a clear ‘Shop’ section that takes customers to all the products that are available to purchase. The shop also offers a comprehensive filtering section that allows users to easily navigate to the products that they require.


We think their new website is a fantastic reflection of a modern and professional company. It’s safe to say that Thriiver are very pleased with their new online presence.

Take a look at their new website here:

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