Super Event

An exciting local company who create wonderful events…

About Super Event

Super Event are a company based locally to us in Heathfield, East Sussex. They specialise in high quality events, usually weddings, but really anything that requires a marquee and catering.

We were very excited to be working with them and even more so after we had been to one of their tasting days. The marquee and venue (Slaugham Place) were amazing but the food was just fantastic.

What they needed

Well, in their business, it is all about first impressions. A bride who is trying to plan her own wedding is looking for the company that can provide them with a wedding day to remember. They really only want to do this once and they want it to be special; the most special day of their life.

Their old website was a few years old and just wasn’t standing out from the crowd – it didn’t say “special”. There was also a real need for a better structure to the website; the site needs as much traffic as possible and building it properly has a big effect on this.

How we helped them

So, the first thing we looked at was a design. We needed to make it look fantastic so that first impressions really did count. We designed a lot of different content sections, not just the header and footer; but actually, looked at the content that we had and worked out how we wanted to display this. We worked well with the client to make sure that they were happy with it, after all they do know their business pretty well. They had strong feelings as to how the site should look and what their users would want.

Once we had the design sorted, then we looked at the structure. We love using WordPress, it gives us an edge in regard to marketing a site and if you build it properly it is very easy to maintain and manage. We don’t use lots of plugins, only some pretty essential ones and we create a bespoke custom theme. All of the designed content areas then need to be built so that they are easy to manage within the back end.

Half way through the design process we were also asked to look at optimising the site. So with an efficient blog as well as marketing to local areas means they are now being found via many avenues. It was also vital to start using social media more effectively as it plays a massive part in Super Event finding new customers.

So what are the results?

Well we think the Super Event website really stands out. It looks great and makes a fantastic first impression. We are confident any bride looking at the site will want Super Event to be one of the companies they talk to. The site gives users the confidence that Super Event are an amazing company who would organise a wonderful event.

So the design and first impressions element of the project have been fulfilled. We then had to start work on the marketing and in particular, optimising the site for local searches.

We have been marketing the site since launch; traffic is increasing and the client is getting regular enquiries. Based on the search terms that we discussed with the client we are both happy so far; looking forward to a continued increase in traffic and enquiries.

Please read Tony’s full testimonial on how he feels the ongoing relationship with Sokada has developed.

  • The success of this joint venture is clearly skill based on behalf of Sokada. More than this, it’s about working with the right people, people we like, people we trust, people who care about what they do, people who care about my business. I have no problems in recommending this firm to others who are considering a similar venture.

    Tony Brewin

    Super Event