Spotlight On Corruption

Spotlight on Corruption is a registered charity aiming to shine a light on the UK’s role in corruption.

About the client

Spotlight on Corruption is a registered charity based in the UK that aims to shine a light on the UK’s role in corruption both at home and around the world. They do this by investigating and highlighting cases of corruption, as well as tracking the enforcement of UK anti-corruption laws.

Their website has always been a key asset in publicising the work that they do, and it can almost be seen as a database of the research they have carried out. As their research and reports were growing, so was their website, and when they reached out to us, it was clear that their current website would soon no longer fit the bill.

The current website they were using was built in WordPress using a page builder, which was terribly difficult to update, and not effective at displaying a large number of articles. Spotlight on Corruption also wanted to build on more functionality so that their reports and articles were easier to search through. All reports, press releases, submissions, and other publications were posted in the same default ‘post’ archive. This made it both difficult to manage, as well as difficult to search through and categorise.

Spotlight on Corruption

What did the client want?

Spotlight on Corruption wanted a clean, informative website where news and articles took centre stage. With a website so dedicated to the latest news and articles, it was clear this was going to be the most important part of the project. News articles, press releases and reports all needed to be categorised correctly and split into separate dedicated post types so that they could be grouped and found easily by users.

They also were keen to have bespoke features such as a court calendar, which helpfully displayed a list of all the upcoming court dates. Their posts also needed to be categorised correctly, so that users could easily find links to the articles they were interested in.

The Final Result

After working closely with Spotlight on Corruption, we built a bespoke WordPress website that perfectly caters to their needs.

As you can see the homepage focuses on the most essential part of the website. The ‘top story’ at the top is interchangeable, so the most important news always stays at the top. The Latest News then follows and includes all the latest articles published.

The header is split into two levels, with the three most important categories of news listed in the larger bottom section. The header section also includes a search function, which makes older articles easier to find.

This fully responsive website with its minimal design is perfect to help Spotlight on Corruption continue to publish reports on the great work they do.

Court Calendar Page

Spotlight on Corruption originally had the idea to display these court dates in a monthly calendar view, so users could click on a particular day and see the court dates taking place. However, we suggested that this would be a clunky way of displaying the information, as some months would only have one or two court cases. A monthly calendar view would also not be easy to navigate on smaller screens.

We then came up with a list splitting up the court dates by month. This is much easier to navigate, and users can easily see at a glance all the court cases going on for each month.

Court dates are easily added to the website, and the court calendar page automatically displays these upcoming court dates. Events that have already taken place are automatically removed from the list, making it incredibly easy to maintain.

Check out their website here:

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