Old Barn Audio

A new responsive website for Old Barn Audio as they take their business to the next level

About Old Barn Audio

Old Barn Audio have been a customer of ours for many years. A sound installation company based in Crowborough, East Sussex; who work across the UK as well as abroad. They are growing at a phenomenal rate with many impressive clients and some very exciting projects lined up this year, worldwide.

Both directors have worked in the music industry in one form or another for over 40 years. They have exceptional knowledge of their industry and work with many types of businesses, including sports stadiums, nightclubs, churches, restaurants and bars.

Their original website was working well for them, we have been marketing/optimising it for a couple of years now and it is generating a lot of sales enquiries. But it was starting to look a little dated and didn’t really reflect the sort of company that they have become.

Jazzing it up a little!

Being quite old the site wasn’t responsive, and this was something that we needed to correct; so that was a priority. The client wanted the website to look slick and modern, making the user experience a far better one.

We also wanted to add some structure that would help us market the site more effectively, to help us to generate even more enquiries. So we planned to make more of the services they offer and the type of installations in particular was a focus. Case studies and testimonials backing up the quality and scale of the projects they work on.

The site also needed to be more user friendly. The menus were far too big and hard to use, they needed a simpler and clearer way to navigate the site which is becoming quite large.

Key considerations

A key area of the redesign process for this website and one that is not considered by a lot of companies is how changing the content or even just the URL’s on your website can affect your position on search engines. You can’t just remove the pages, add new ones and expect to keep the same positions on search engines; that’s a marketing disaster waiting to happen. We always carry out redirects when an old website is redeveloped and therefore never lose positioning and ranking.

We imported the existing content into the new designs alongside other new content elements that we had added to improve it.

Managing the data and content was a massive part of the design and development as it impacted on the entire site and the business.

So what are the results

Well it’s obviously really important that our clients are happy with what we do for them. It is also vital that they are included in the whole process from start to finish for exactly this reason. In this case we also needed the site to be easier to use and market which sometimes the client can’t see or isn’t so interested in. So far the client and the regular users have all said how much they like it. We haven’t lost any position on search engines by changing the entire structure of the site and the content and the enquiries are still coming in.

If your website is looking dated, is perhaps not responsive and you would like to promote your services in a more effective way, then please do get in touch, either by email, filling in our contact form or by calling Sokada on 01435 817 226.

  • We are really pleased with the results we are getting from Sokada – the level of enquiries are going up, as is the value of each job

    Phil Clark

    Old Barn Audio