Authentic Reclamation

All of Authentic Reclamation’s marketing is now online and their business goes from strength to strength…

They wanted to grow their business

Initially Authentic Reclamation were a local reclamation yard and they sold reclaimed building materials to customers in the local area, but wanted to increase sales and grow their business. They didn’t want to just sell locally, they wanted to sell all over the country and even internationally.

They are one of our oldest clients and over the years we developed their website and optimised the content to get them seen on search engines for hundreds of different searches both local and far afield. It was a hard decision to move away from the traditional forms of advertising they were using, such as Yellow Pages but it has been a decision they will never look back on.

How we have helped with their Internet Marketing

We have worked really hard to ‘optimise’ their website for them, to increase traffic and more importantly to increase enquiries.

The first stage was to sit down with them and work out what the right key search terms were. Extensive research identified exactly the right terms and then we started adding these to the website; creating pages and adding as much keyword rich content as we could. We also worked on local marketing to encourage people to visit the yard, which was and still is a key to their success; when people drop in they nearly always buy something.

Their business has grown immensely over the last 5 years with new staff being taken on, the business premises has expanded and the areas of the country that they attract customers, has grown; they have even sent containers full of stock to Australia!

They are now in the process of adding all of their stock to the website, which is a mammoth task, but the regular addition of new stock keeps them seen on Google. We complement this by adding regular social media on Facebook and Twitter and will be adding a blog to the website soon. These additions should enable them to keep growing their business and ensure they are top of their game for a long time to come.

After working with us for many years, all of their marketing is now totally online and they couldn’t be happier.

  • We have grown our website in a massive way over the last 8 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else!

    Mark Hassall

    Authentic Reclamation