Kelsey Plant Hire

Kelsey Plant Hire have had some of their best years since we have been working with them!

Understanding your website is the key to success

Kelsey is a plant hire business based in Horsham, West Sussex. They hire a wide range of plant equipment from diggers and rollers to telehandlers (if you are not sure what that is , then please check out their website).

After being recommended to us several years ago, Nadine at Kelsey contacted us for a very specific reason; she needed someone to help her understand her website. The annual spend was increasing but it seemed to be having very little effect on her business. They certainly weren’t getting many enquiries from the internet.

How we helped turn things around

We were given the three following tasks; increase leads generated through the website for key search terms, improve conversion rates by improving the overall look and feel of the website and thirdly and probably most importantly, to significantly reduce the annual online marketing spend.

We went through every aspect of the website and checked everything that was being done and importantly how much it was costing. We came up with a plan that we were confident would increase enquiries, but would also save them almost a third of what they were spending.

Local marketing was very important, they needed to be found in all the areas that they hired equipment to and this was our first task. Creating new pages and adding local information for Sussex and Surrey. The website was completely optimised for these key local searches.

Well to say that the plan worked would be an understatement; in their first year with the new website and marketing they had their best every year trading. The website was getting found and generating lots of enquiries, sales were improving and we had even reduced the cost.

We are constantly working with Kelsey Plant Hire to improve searches, we are adding new page content and trying different approaches to social media. They are taking on new staff, consistently buying new machinery and their company is going from strength to strength. We look forward to many years of a great relationship with these guys.