Heathfield Funeral Service & C Waterhouse& Sons

Ever since the funeral directors was founded in 1926, it has been run by four generations of the Waterhouse family.

About the client

Heathfield Funeral Service and C. Waterhouse & Sons are independent, family-owned, funeral directors, based in Heathfield and Burwash. Ever since the original funeral directors was founded in 1926, by Charles Waterhouse, it has been run by four generations of the Waterhouse family. With so many years of experience, they have become a bi-word for funeral directors in the East Sussex, Kent, and Surrey.

The Waterhouse family, along with their friendly group of staff are able to arrange both bespoke and simple funerals for families in and around the South East. They take real pride in providing the utmost care and attention in planning funerals for loved ones who have passed away.

Many families in the area have come to know the Waterhouse Family well, and would look nowhere else for funeral directors in the area.

What did the client want?

The client approached us a few months ago, initially for help with their Online Marketing and SEO. They wanted to improve their presence on search rankings and also provide advice on improving their social media pages.

The sites that they had were relatively new, and they were pleased with how they looked. However, they were currently maintaining two websites, one for Heathfield Funeral Service, and one for C. Waterhouse & Sons. The sites were identical in structure and copy; with only the colours being the only noticeable difference between the two.

Whilst these sites were both performing well individually – having two websites with almost identical copy has a negative effect on SEO rankings. Google and other search engines will recognise when a website has the same content as another and mark them down, based on the fact the content is copied. Not to mention that having two sites is much trickier to consistently maintain.

It was clear to us that before we would be able to work our marketing magic, we would need to find a way of merging both the websites into one. However, it was incredibly important to make sure the brand identity of the two funeral directors was kept intact and separate.

We worked well with them all, coming up with a new design that didn’t stray too far from the sites they already had, but could incorporate the two brands clearly. We were also keen to make sure that the copy on the ‘merged’ website would make it clear that the website was for both funeral directors.

The Final Result

After working with us for the last few months, and making sure every detail had been thoroughly thought through, we are pleased to report that the new merged website is now up and running.

As you can see, the new merged website still incorporates all the same structure as the old ones; with the key difference being the introduction of the new header section, which clearly incorporates the two funeral directors as equals.

You can take a look at their new website here: www.cwaterhouseandsons.co.uk

We’re really looking forward to continuing our work with Heathfield Funeral Service and C. Waterhouse & Sons, and helping them with their online presence and Social Media pages.

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