Hart Reade

See how we have helped Hart Reade Solicitors improve all their online rankings & be found on social media, resulting in many more enquiries…

About Hart Reade

Hart Reade are a long-established, local firm of solicitors. With offices in Hailsham, Polegate, Meads, and Eastbourne. First established in 1910, Hart Reade pride themselves on being friendly and approachable solicitors.

We have known the team at Hart Reade for many years. They have a new bespoke and responsive website. Following this, they got in touch with us to find out more about the online marketing options we could give them.

What they Needed

Hart Reade originally approached us a few years ago, as they were looking to update their website. To ensure it matched their ethos as being a friendly and approachable local solicitor. The website we created for them has now been up and running for a few years. Take a look at their website to see what we’ve already done for them.

Following the publication of their website, Hart Reade were then keen to really improve on the traffic visiting their website, as well as become more prominent on social media. They were already outsourcing their online marketing to another company before they reached out to us; they wanted to see what we could do for them that could enhance their presence further.

Whilst they already had a good following on social media, they were not experiencing much interaction on posts. As a result, there wasn’t much traffic coming from their social media profiles. They also had a regular amount of traffic coming to their website, but much of this wasn’t converting into enquiries.

How we helped them

We took over their social media and online marketing campaigns at the start of this year. Initially, we wanted to make sure that their website was optimised properly for SEO. This process involved fixing any broken links, create more internal links and using keyword research to optimise all the pages for the right search terms.

Our marketing team also took control of their social media and started posting for them. It was clear that what we initially needed to do here, was make sure that the website was being fully advertised on all forms of social media. Interaction on all of the pages was also quite low. Not many followers were liking or engaging with any posts. In order to improve this, we decided to work on a manual process of interaction between other local businesses, especially from their Twitter Profile.

We also worked with Hart Reade to create some Facebook Advertising Campaigns for certain aspects of their business, that would then appear on Facebook and Instagram. These would focus on specific areas of law and target specific demographics in order to drive more traffic to their website.

To improve search engine rankings, we also set up a small Google Ads campaign for them. By doing this, they would appear at the top of specific search terms on Google, further increasing targeted traffic to their website.

Once the traffic was on the website, we also wanted to be able to track how many enquiries were being made through the website. So we set up custom goals in Google Analytics to record any time someone used the website to get in touch, either via the contact form or through email.

So what are the results?

For this case study, we decided to look back and compare their monthly figures to their previous year. We’re pleased to say that all of our work has had positive impacts on their SEO rankings and their website traffic, even during the lockdown months of the pandemic.

Comparing the periods May-July 2020 with May-July 2019; website traffic is up by over 70%, and with more traffic coming from all sources; organic search, adwords, and Facebook marketing. With social media, there was an average increase of over 60% in engagement between posts. After we began tracking the enquiries made through the website, there has been an average monthly increase of over 55% which suggests more and more people are using the Hart Reade website to get in touch.

We have had a close working relationship with the team at Hart Reade. We send them monthly reports to show them results of the website as well as proposing next steps.

We can also track that over the last 6 months of the campaign; more people have filled in their contact form to get in touch with them. We have therefore achieved the initial goal of getting more enquiries through the Hart Reade website.

Their ranking on Google and Bing has also been improved for many relevant search terms. They are getting more targeted traffic to their website simply from organic searches.

We’re hoping to continue improving on these statistics in the months to come. Our approach to Online Marketing projects such as this one is to remain pro-active. We will always be looking at new ways to improve on their Online Marketing strategy.

Hart Reade are very happy with the results we’ve achieved so far, and are continuing to work with us to improve their online marketing campaigns even further. See below what they said about our marketing work.

  • I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jude and the rest of the digital marketing team at Sokada. We’ve seen a significant increase in traffic both to our website and social media channels since we’ve started using their services. Jude and the team are extremely experienced and knowledgeable but offer a very personal service and are always available to deal with any last-minute requests we may have. I really appreciate all of their hard work and look forward to continuing to work with them over the coming months.

    Alexandra Funnell

    Hart Reade Solicitors