Greener Plumbing and Heating

Regular online marketing means that it takes the worry from the clients and gives them a fresh and vibrant website that search engines will revisit…

Who Greener Plumbing Ltd are

Greener Plumbing and Heating are a local Gas Safe plumbing and heating company. They are keen to establish themselves as the “go to” place for all your local boiler, plumbing and heating needs.

They also install new bathrooms, kitchens as well as solar heating. They are definitely at the forefront of the market with some of the systems they use.

Web Design Sussex & Online Marketing Company, Sokada Ltd working with Greener Plumbing and Heating

What they needed for the website & their business

They approached us to develop and design their website and also to keep up to date with the online marketing of it, as they want to be found throughout East Sussex for all of the services they offer.

We work with them on their website, in their offices on a regular basis; writing blogs, updating all channels of social media and adding new pages for the services they offer. Their business is really growing, as is the size of the projects they are handling.

Oliver Blunden - Greener Plumbing & Heating

Really pleased with the work Sokada does for us – especially as we get to see them each week – very hands on!

Oliver Blunden

Greener Plumbing & Heating