FTH Hire Group Online Marketing

With regular work, updates and meetings, we are helping this busy hire company improve their online presence…

We have been working with FTH Hire Group for just over a year now. They are a large machine and tool hire company with 8 hire depots across the south east of England. We originally worked with Kelsey Plant Hire which has now become the Horsham FTH Hire depot and, upon introducing ourselves to FTH Hire, we then started working with them on a regular basis.

FTH Hire Group Online Marketing

Social Media Posting

We have set up a regular structure for posting on their social media platforms, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Using an online platform Monday.com, we can liaise with the team at FTH Hire, making changes and updates in an easy and reactive way. Then the posts are all scheduled and can be updated when necessary. This gives the guys at FTH Hire the knowledge and reassurance that they will be getting a reliable set of regular posts created and shared across all platforms. Increasing their online presence across the board.

Blog Posting

At the start, we agreed to write two blog post a month for the team at FTH. We agree which posts we are going to make and then get them written. This saves time for this busy hire team and ensures there are regular updates on their website with information, new products, industry news and more. It also gives us more information to share on social media.

Updates to the website

We have recently been working on the actual website itself, adding relevant SEO titles and meta descriptions to further enhance their online presence. The FTH Hire Group get a lot of traffic to their website and this will only enhance it further, ensuring that all hire products are found to the best of their capabilities, for the areas they need to be found in.

Health of the website

With such a large site, it is also important that the ‘health’ of the website is kept up to scratch. This includes making sure that all redirects are properly implemented, no broken links are present, and website files are minified and optimised. We worked closely with FTH Hire Group to run a site audit and iron out any of these issues that were present.

Want to speak to us?

The FTH Hire Group Online marketing is a great project for us to be a part of. If this is the sort of work that you don’t have time to do and would like to speak to us then please just get in touch. Either call us on 01435 817226, or drop us a line via email, or through our contact form.