Community Oven

Community Oven offer fresh wood-fired pizza from their specially converted horse box trailer

About Community Oven

Community Oven is a food based social enterprise operating in and around East Sussex. They have regular weekly stops in Hellingly, Heathfield and Hailsham where they offer fresh wood-fired pizza from their specially converted horse box trailer. You can also hire the trailer for events such as private parties and weddings.

Their passion is bringing people together through food-based events in the communities they serve with street parties and cooking lessons.

Moving forward they would also like to franchise their business, helping other like minded entrepreneurs to set up their own community food businesses all over the country.

community oven

What they needed

They had been working with an Indian design and development team to produce their website, which in the end they found quite hard.

The designs that were produced were actually really nice, but there were lots of different design elements that didn’t really work as website, there was very little planning as to how each will be used. So really they had a collection of designs that didn’t fit into a website. The developer was then struggling to code the website because it wasn’t obvious how the designs fitted together and he had no project plan to follow.

They needed someone to add a little structure to the project, to get it back on track and completed.

How we helped

The first thing that we had to do was add that all important direction, to add some structure. We do this by creating a detailed project plan that lists out every page and how those pages should work, including what is going to be on them and why.

Once we had the project plan in place we worked through the different design elements, selecting the better ones and then working out how we were going to use these on each page. This also enabled us to establish exactly how they would work and need to be coded.

The new page and design layouts were then given to the development team and they built the website; you would be amazed at how much easier it is to build a website if you know what it looks like and how the pages need to work!

What was the outcome?

We delivered a great looking website with lots of potential. It is very early days as it was only launched a week ago but the client seems very happy and we are sure a testimonial will follow shortly.

We have also given them some social media training showing the client and staff members how to promote themselves on social media as well as using the website blog. So why not visit the Community Oven website and become part of the their growing “Community Food” project.