Charlotte Stirling-Reed

With new branding plus her new website, Charlotte Stirling-Reed can now really focus on what she does best – educating and advising on how to feed your children

About the client

Charlotte Stirling-Reed is The Baby & Child Nutritionist. She helps to give parents information and advice to build their confidence in feeding their babies and children. Over the years she has built up a fantastic reputation within the world of nutrition and her brand is growing daily.

She has worked with and alongside many high-profile clients and businesses. One of her most recent projects involved working with Joe Wicks (aka The Body Coach) to write a book called Wean in 15. This has grown Charlotte’s profile in great leaps and bounds and her social media following is now huge.

For Charlotte Stirling-Reed, her website has always been an incredibly important part of what she does. She works extremely hard to give parents as much nutritional information as she can, through her knowledge, but also through her experiences with her own two young children, Raffy and Ada. We have known Charlotte for quite some time now and have been working with her over the last few years, helping her to improve her rankings on search engines and adding in all her information and advice blog posts which are the main part of her website.

However her site was getting more and more outdated. It was clear that if she wanted to continue to be seen as an expert in the baby and child nutritional world, she would need a brand new bespoke website to really promote her brand.

What did the client want?

Charlotte has recently gone through a rebranding process and was therefore keen to have a website to complement this. Her new branding is really colourful and representative of what she is all about; so it was clear that her new website would need to be designed in a similar way.

With her previous website having a lot of useful information, it was so important to make sure that all of these vital pages and blog posts would be placed front and centre on the new website. With so much useful information, it was also clear that the website would need to be easy to navigate as well as the ability to grow as her business develops.

We have worked with Charlotte Stirling-Reed over the last few months making sure that the designs were exactly what she was looking for.

The Final Result

Charlotte’s new website is a beautifully colourful site that perfectly encapsulates her new brand. The new website includes ‘Advice Hubs’ where new parents can easily access information relevant to them. All of the nutritional information is easy to find and structured well.

Her blog posts are also a vital part of her website and where most of her traffic comes from. Therefore it was important that her readers could easily navigate to the sections which are relevant to them. Users could also be able to filter posts by specific categories, and even search for blog posts if they need to. Lots of really great advice as well as healthy recipes are within her blog; easy to make but full of healthy ingredients!

She was also keen to have coordinating colours on her website that worked well with her brand. So we created these colourful blocks that actually include fruit and veg images, that can be included on every page. Elements such as these are so simple and clear but make such a big difference to the content on the site. They really help to make each page interesting and engaging.

Charlotte is so very pleased with her new website. This will undoubtedly become the go-to place for many parents looking for nutritional information for feeding their babies and children. We are also very pleased that she is looking forward to continuing to work with us moving forwards.

Take a look at her new website here:

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