Great website design features in 2019

My favourite features for great website design - written by Cameron Baird

Why I am writing this?

Hello! My name is Cameron Baird and I am currently doing some work experience at Sokada. I am carrying out some research into what I think are good web design elements, that work well together to create great website designs. I am writing this blog post about what I think are the most effective elements of web design in creating a fun website.

When I’m on the internet, there are many websites that I skip over not bothering to read. Whether that is because it is an overload of sentences or I’m not interested in what the website is showing. However, every once in a while there comes along a website with a great design that really piques my interest despite what it is about. Below are a few elements of great web design that work really well when all used together:

Web design can really make or break a website!

The Use of Colour

Colour is a very important tool when it comes to creating a page that will really stand out. Can you think of a website that has no colour at all? Every major company uses colour to their advantage. Look at Apple for instance. Apple uses the colour white a lot in their website and we often associate it with purity.

However Apple doesn’t just stop there, they also add splashes of other colours. These colours are bold and contrast the white background. Colour is important as it can instantly draw viewers in without knowing what it says. Plus information can be identified up to 70% faster when coloured.

Videos and Animations

I find that when a website has a video or animation to watch, it instantly captures my attention. I can process the information much easier and remember it for longer. The Adidas home page has a clip of different shoes on the screen that are constantly changing and if you scroll down you find another video.

The use of video really helps to cement the viewers attention to the site. Most viewers say that a video is important for a website for showing how a service / product works. Using a video can also simplify complex information into a fun to watch clip. As a result this helps bring them back, once again, to your website.

Bold Original Illustrations

Using a creative illustration to attract viewers helps the website to look much more engaging and professional. The use of a picture can:

1. Help break up the big chunks of text
2. Make the information more digestible
3. Create a fun atmosphere on the website.
4. Instantly grab my interest and make me want to keep exploring the website.

According to studies by Doctor Jakob Nielsen, only 28% of a websites actual content is read by viewers. Using images like this can help the viewer process a website’s information much faster and ultimately help them to remember the website.

Website Simplicity

Another extremely popular design style is minimalism. What is minimalism style you ask? It is a simple and easy to navigate page style. By putting a few elements onto a page it creates the effect of minimalism.

Great Web Design example from Layer Design

A great example of this is the Layer design home page. The home page’s whole screen is filled by a presentation of the designs they have made and has no other information. Most importantly this makes me want to look and see what this website is about.

Minimalism helps create an interest in something as it already has a unique professional look with the mystery of what else the page has to offer. It makes the viewer seek out more information and stay longer on the website.

In conclusion…

These elements of web design, when used together, can create great website designs and make some unique and interesting website pages. Try it yourself and see what you think. Whether the website itself is serious or for fun, you cannot deny that a great website design just feels good!

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