What Are The Benefits of Blog Writing?

There are so many benefits to writing a blog. From driving traffic to creating social media content. Here we explain what they are...

Blogging was once seen as a lengthy process that just took up way to much time. Now, with its rapid growth in recent years, you might be thinking “what are the benefits of blog writing?”. Well, we are going to tell you!

What is Blogging?

Let’s start with the basics. What is blogging? Blogging is a piece of writing that is usually an informational, news related or advice based piece of text. It is used to give information to the audience about certain topics. Blogging for a business is all about having good pieces of writing that will drive traffic to your website. Writing a blog is a great way to answer your audience’s most asked questions, while gaining visibility to your website. So, why?

Driving Traffic and Visibility 

Everyone wants more visitors to their website. And, sometimes you could be doing everything right and still need just that little bit extra. This is where writing blogs can help. Let’s set the scene…

You know when you have something you are desperate to find the answer to? You head to google and type in “how to get more sleep” or “The best way to get more sleep”, and you get lots of pages pop up with great information. Nine times out of ten, those are all blogs. Applying this to writing your own, if you have a title that people are going to look for, with the right SEO you’re going to appear in someone’s google search.

That is when you start getting more traffic to your website. If your blog is answering a question that someone needs, your website is going to be very appealing to them.

Driving Traffic and Visibility
Traffic and Visibility

It Answers Questions

More often than not your business gets the same sort of question on repeat. Rather than answer that question 10 times over, pop it into a blog post. If you are asked “How to grow my social media” on the daily, answer it in a blog. This answers the question, drives traffic and shows you listen and value your customers’ questions. 

Gives You Social Media Content

If you have just written a great blog, promote it on your social media! Pushing out that you have a new blog on your website, will not only give you some social media content, but also hopefully drive more traffic. Create a post, make a story, link it in the bio. Utilise all those great things about social media to get the word out.

You can use hashtags like #newblog or #blogging and it will help give your blog that extra little push it might need. With blogging being so popular with influencers on social media, it really is one of the best places to shout about your latest blog.

Gives You Social Media Content
Social Media Content

Helps Gain Long Term Clients

Just like a TV show you tune into weekly, if someone loves your content , they will wait for the next one. If a new client notices that you listen to your audience, answer questions and want to create good pieces of writing, they will stay tuned for the next one. Having someone enjoy your tone of voice and writing style as a company will then lead them to venture onto other aspects of your website. If they like what you are talking about, they almost definitely like your business. 

It Helps With Link Building

A great way to generate more clicks onto pages on your website is to link things internally. Chances are, there are some great opportunities to link other pages within your blog. For example, you may have written something like “and that’s why we offer help with social media marketing”. This is where you could link your page that explains that. You could put “don’t hesitate to ask us” this is where you would link your contact page.

Other links that really help are Inbound Links. A inbound link is a link coming from another site to your own website. So, this would be where another website or blog, linked your product, services or website on their blog. That’s an inbound link. There is also External Links, which is where you link another website or product within your blog.

Link Building
Link Building

Great Way To Share Company News

Maybe you have a new member of the team or you’re hiring or perhaps your team had a evening out. Share company news, and achievements. Sharing things that the company has done or achieved over the month, is a great way to humanise your brand and let people get to know the people within your company.

The old saying “People buy into people first” is true. Clients want to know they are buying from/working with a company that values their team. It’s also a great way to start a monthly update blog. Clients will come back each month to see what you have been up to and achieved. It’s a great way to have a routine that will make people intrigued and eager to know what you do next month.


So, the answer to your question, “do I need a blog?” is yes! Go for it, it’ll only benefit you. Blog writing has a slight stigma that it takes 100 years to write and edit and post and keep track of. That’s not true, take it from us, it’s worth giving a go. If you have any further questions or queries, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.