We're Moving Office!

When we said 2020 was going to be exciting, we weren't joking!

As we said in our first Instagram post of this year, 2020 for Sokada is shaping up to be one of the most exciting to date!

If you’ve come to visit us at our offices, you’ll come to know that we have quite a compact office. Having been here since the start in 2016, it’s become clearer in recent months that we need to upscale our offices a bit. We were looking for somewhere that was still in a prime location on Heathfield High Street but with slightly more floor space.

We’ve been looking for the perfect place to move into for a few months now – and as luck would have it, in December last year we found the perfect place.

Our New Office is… Next door!

That’s right – we’re moving just a few feet away to the office next door to us, previously used by Belladonna Beauty. With this new and bigger space, we’ll be able to do much more in our office, and we’re already looking at how best to use our new space.

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We’re packing up our offices at the end of this week to move in on Monday 2nd March!

That means we’re only a few steps away from our old office, if you know where that is, you take the right-hand door next to our old office, turn right, left, and down the corridor.

From the 1st March if you have a meeting with us, you can ring our doorbell which is at the door on the high street, in between Westwoods and Pople & Broad Opticians.

Moving Day

We’re going to be moving offices from the 28th February. So over the course of this day, we’ll have our phone lines and Internet connection switched over. This means you may not be able to get in touch by phone for a little while. It should only take a day for us to set everything up again, so we’ll be back to business as usual on Monday 1st March.

Our New Address

Our New Address is nearly the same as our old one;

Suite C,
Bank Buildings,
Cherwell Road,
East Sussex,
TN21 8JT