TikTok Now The Most Popular Site in the World

Last year the social media platform even overtook Google and became the most visited website of the year...what will happen in 2022?

According to Cloudflare, TikTok was the most visited website in 2021, even overtaking the search engine giant Google, taking the top spot.

TikTok has been around for a few years now. It is a video-based social media platform, where users can watch and post videos. These videos can be edited, filtered and put to music on the platform, therefore plenty of viral videos originate from the platform.

The platform is also home to a vast number of viral trends, which are normally by the way of ‘TikTok Dances’ where people can film themselves trying a dance routine to a piece of music.

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Having been crowned the most visited website last year, it’s becoming more and more difficult to ignore TikTok as a means of promoting your business to your customers.

Using TikTok for your Business

TikTok requires quite a bit more personal involvement compared to the other social media platforms. It also requires a good understanding of how to cut and edit videos using the TikTok editing features. But if you stick with it, it can be a really great way of reaching out to new customers.

When thinking of ideas on what to do for your videos, it’s best to have a look at the ‘For You’ page, and see if there’s any video trends that you could use for your videos.

Similarly to Instagram, you can boost views of your videos by using hashtags. If you want your video to be seen by more people, try taking a look at the trending hashtags on the discover page to find out what is popular at the moment; these hashtags will help you get seen by more people.

The next piece of advice we’ve heard from famous Tiktok accounts is that you probably won’t get lots of followers straight away. The more videos you post, the more likely you’ll slowly start to gain a following. This is because TikTok uses a complex algorithm to show users videos they might enjoy, so it might take a bit of time for the algorithm to find the right users that will most likely engage with your content.

We’ve got plenty more tips on one of our previous blog posts; how you should use TikTok for your business – so why not check it out before you start your profile!

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