Rise in Google Analytics for SR Nutrition

You don't always need to invent the wheel. Sometimes, it just needs bending into shape...

One of our 2016 Projects

Earlier this year, we were approached by Charlotte Stirling-Reed about her website, SR Nutrition. She wanted to be able to really highlight what she actually does as well as increasing the enquiries for her commercial work. She was busy but wanted to be really busy!

So we took a good look at her website. The design was already great and sometimes to be honest you really don’t have to invent the wheel! It was already in WordPress – a great platform and she already had Yoast SEO, another plus point. And there was already Google Analytics, so we could see how many visitors she was getting and to which pages. She is also extremely active with her blogging and social media, which is ideal for her type of business.

What we did

Whilst discussing how we could promote the specialisation of “Child Nutrition” we realised that it really wasn’t clear that you could actually hire Charlotte; that she offered a wide range of services related to this and other nutritional areas. Charlotte specialises in child nutrition, but also wanted to promote herself more for corporate work as well as media projects.

So we created design templates to include quicklinks to pages that were important to her. The home page has now been adapted to really highlight the  main areas of what Charlotte is all about – where she works the most and what she has to offer. There are also drop down menus to ensure the navigation on the website is really clear for her visitors. We also broke down further what she specialises in, based on the keyword research we carried out. She has taken all of this on board and was a pleasure to work with.

sr nutrition stats 1024x362 1

How it has helped

The website has now been live since June with the updates we made. We took a look at her stats last week, which is why we wanted to shout about this project. June to date vs last year for the same period, Charlotte’s visitors to her website have gone up by 110.96% – 12,295 vs 5,828, with users also being up by over 100% and page views being almost doubled. We were astounded at how much of an increase there has been.

She also emailed us at Sokada, as she was so pleased and to say that her media work has also increased, which was our main goal. Obviously it helps that she is brilliant at what she does too…

You really don’t always have to have a complete redesign of your website. Sometimes, all it needs is a bit of tlc and a professional to take a look and realise exactly what you are trying to promote through your online presence.

If you think you could benefit from having something similar, then please call us on 01435 817 226 or make an enquiry and someone will be in touch.