Jamie Hall – Sokada’s New Web Developer

There are just too many companies out there not giving the service they promise...

About Me

My name is Jamie Hall. I’m a 24 year old website developer from East Sussex. I’ve always been playing with code since I got my first computer when I was 9. It all started out as a pure hobby, creating silly little websites for fun and learning photoshop. I started to get more serious about website development when I was 12 years old and received a gift of “Zen of CSS design by Dave Shea”. I read this book over and over; at this point I knew I wanted to be a website developer.

My hobbies outside of work are playing PC Games. I’m super competitive when it comes to them and have played in many online tournaments and teams. I’ve been playing poker since I was 18 and really love the strategic side to it. Last but not least I wouldn’t be a true developer if I didn’t say I enjoy experimenting with code and learning new languages. I’m currently learning Vue.js and hoping to increase my skillset to showcase these skills on websites in the near future.

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Before Sokada

I’ve worked for many agencies; run an online business; worked on small websites; worked on big websites; worked for small companies and worked for the bigger companies and I can safely say I love my job!

Life at Sokada

At Sokada, each day is different challenge for me. I’m either creating the next website for our newest clients or creating additional features for our existing websites.

I enjoy building the front end of a website and exceeding a clients’ expectations on delivery.

Why Sokada?

I’ve worked for a few website agencies and Sokada is one of the only agencies that I agree gives the customers the best service possible. Since I’ve known Julian, he has always expressed his passion to help businesses grow, using the best web methods available.

There are just too many companies out there not giving the service they promise.

A typical day at Sokada

A typical day at Sokada for me is a mixture of project managing and developing. I try to get myself as stuck in as possible, offering any knowledge I have, towards helping customers and ensuring the work we deliver exceeds the clients expectations. All this fueled by regular amounts of coffee and cake!