Internet Explorer will Die Today

From 15th June 2022, Microsoft will retire the outdated Internet Explorer Browser...

Today is a big day in the Web Development world, as it marks the end of support for the browser Internet Explorer. Microsoft has announced that as of today (June 15th 2022), they will retire the web browser and focus on improving their new Microsoft Edge browser.

For many people, it would have been their first taste of the internet when it launched back in 1995. Back then the internet world was so basic – few businesses even had an online presence. This for example was the BBC website back in the late 90s;

image 1024x480 1
The BBC website on 28th April 1997.

But as the internet has grown and evolved, so have the browsers we use, and negative attitudes have always marred Internet Explorer. It was always far behind other browsers due to slow loading speeds and a number of bugs causing websites to load incorrectly.

Microsoft has been moving to retire Internet Explorer for many years now. Ever since the release of Windows 10, they have tried to push users into switching over to their new Edge browser. Despite this, 3.31% of users were still using Internet Explorer according to Net Marketshare.

Why you should switch away from Internet Explorer

Many newer websites have already dropped support for Internet Explorer, as they now no longer have to worry about supporting the outdated browser.

However, some rather outdated websites may still require Internet Explorer to open them, for these Microsoft suggest opening them using the ‘IE Mode’ in Edge.

As all of us at Sokada use the Internet a lot, we’ve come to get used to other browsers that are quicker and better than Internet Explorer or Edge. We recommend either using Firefox or Google Chrome, as these are regularly updated, safe and secure browsers that are easy to use and load webpages better.

Looking for a New Website?

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