Do I Need a Completely New Website?

Sometimes all you need is to step back and take a look at what your web visitors see...

How do I Know?

You may already have a website; it sort of works for you, but there is lots that you now don’t like. There are still bits of the design that are good but the site isn’t working as well as you want it to. So what do you do? You ask yourself “Do I need a completely new website or can I make some changes to what I already have?”

Google Analytics

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Well first of all, do you actually know how many people visit your website? 10, 20 100+ every day? Which pages are they finding first or “landing” on? What is working for you and what is not? These are all important aspects of what you need to know.

You don’t want to delete pages that are well written and potential customers are actually finding; but you also need to think about the pages that are not actually working for you. You can then make a decision about the pages that aren’t found, or that people jump away from as soon as they do see the page.

Using WordPress

Your website needs to be structured properly; the foundations need to be strong so that it can grow. Using WordPress is very easy and the way it is structured will enable you to add new pages and optimise them properly. Some web companies use their own bespoke platforms which they would have you believe work in exactly the same way as WordPress but they rarely do. They can be hard to manage and the way they are structured can actually prevent you from optimising the content properly which is a BIG MISTAKE!

Adding a blog to your website is also a great way to market your services and products. Search engines like Google love new information, so the more you post articles, the more they will visit your website. You could use your blog to make offers, write articles that are relevant to the pages within your site and give your viewers more information about what you do. All websites should have a blog these days, but you must be prepared to write new posts regularly. There is no point having a blog if it has not been updated since 2012!

Does Your Website Sell You Enough?

Is your website shouting enough about what you do? Are your services or products hidden away in the bowels of your website never to be found. This is something we come across time and time again. Businesses regularly approach us, saying they already have a website but it is not doing and saying exactly what they want it to do; it just isn’t working for them.

You really need to be clear about what you do and then shout about it. There are so many others doing the same as you and if they shout louder then who will be heard first? Probably not you…

What Can You Do About It?

There is always a compromise between marketing and design, if you want to optimise your website to the maximum, the design will usually suffer a little, and if you want it to look amazing then you may not be able to add that keyword rich title.

There are occasions where the design is actually fine but the content isn’t displayed properly; your website might get loads of traffic but no one ever buys anything or makes an enquiry because the design is awful. Not everyone has a bottomless pit of cash to spend so understanding which bits to keep and which to upgrade is important.

Here are a few sites that we have recently been working on, we didn’t design any of them; we discussed the websites with the owners and explained how we could improve them and made changes.

    1. SR Nutrition, is a great example; the design of the site was fine but it just wasn’t clear what services were actually being offered. Their stats have soared since they started to shout more about their services online. Take a look at their success story.
    2. Tinker & Toad already had a good looking website, but it just didn’t do what they wanted it to. They needed to encourage people to visit their high street shop so focusing everything on an online shop wasn’t the right approach. We suggested a few changes to the message they were giving and some restructuring and now their website is found better online and people are staying on the site longer to see what products are being sold.
    3. Sway Allstars Orchestra wanted to update their site to WordPress, make it responsive and be able to make changes easily. We made lots of updates, added a blog and they can now show potential customers what they really do!

Are you asking yourself “Do I Need a Completely New Website?” would you like to improve your website but don’t know where to start! Why not contact us, you can call on 01435 817 226 or fill in our enquiry form. We can give you an honest review of your websites, giving you the information you need to make your website more successful. We look forward to hearing from you…