How Do You Get An Easy To Navigate Website?

It's not rocket science, but your website really needs to work for you...

Stylish, Usable, Easy to Understand…

easy to navigate1Many companies love to build flash and impressive websites. And we like to do that too, we have to be honest! But one thing we also think about is the way they actually work – and let’s face it not all web design companies do that.

It’s like walking a rickety old bridge – you know you need to get to the other side safely and you need to take the best and easiest route possible!

We are always thinking of the end user in mind, when we discuss how a website will work. We don’t want loads of hidden buttons that take you into the depths of a website, where you have no clue how to get home….we want to create something that looks stylish, but that really works for you.

So how so so you get an easy to navigate website? Well it is all in the planning. You must think about what your end user wants to see, how they want to see it and how easy it will be to move around the website, finding new information. The more someone stays on your website, the more they are committed to buying from you or using your services. They don’t want to leave frustrated, as they couldn’t find what they were looking for in your totally glamorous website, that looks fabulous but has no decent content and no easy navigation.

We will also explain this to you in detail. You will always have your own ideas and some of those will be brilliant! But some may not fit in with the image you are wanting to portray and also the way in which the website will work.

We work with real companies who want to a. have a great website and b. get it found online

And it also needs to be easy to update. Which is why we use WordPress. This is a really stable platform to base a website on. It can be updated easily, added to and removed from. You can add new pages, new blogs and also remove pages when necessary, with just the click of a button!