How To Use Instagram’s New Collaboration Feature

Instagrams Latest feature in testing! Find out you can take full advantage of 'Collabs' and grow the audience of yourself and those around you.

Collabs are the latest feature released by Instagram, and you’ve probably seen them on your feed from time to time. With Collabs, two content creators are able to co-author posts and reels – this opens the door to a whole new range of audiences! So here we will give you tips on How To Use Instagram’s New Collaboration Feature!

What Are Instagram Collaborations?

Instagram Collabs give you the ability to invite a second account to collaborate on a single feed post. This post will appear on both profiles allowing the content to be shared with each creator’s set of followers.

The best way to describe the new feature is as a shared post. The likes, views and comments are all shared – giving you the ability to engage and familiarise yourself with each other’s communities.

There are no restrictions on how many followers either account needs to have to use the feature. So long as both accounts are public you are good to go!

How This Affects Content Creators

As a content creator, it allows you to tap into new audiences that are relevant to what you do. Say you’re a graphic designer for example and were asked to design a logo. As the graphic designer, you will be able to share the work you made with your audience and have the option to use the Collab feature with the client you did the work for. This gives you the recognition and exposure you deserve. You essentially gain twice as much attention by associating with that brand.

It’s also beneficial for those trying to promote products. Organising giveaways or asking influencers to promote your products have been made so much easier. There’s no need to screenshot and crop posts to share on your account when you can simply co-authorise on a single post. Plus, this way both of the page’s audiences are supporting a single post as opposed to two separate ones.

Unfortunately, this feature is still in testing and is only available to a limited number of accounts. So it’s a waiting game if you don’t currently have access.

How to Use Instagram Collabs

It’s as easy as tagging another creator in a post:

Simply select the image you want to post (we’ve chosen a lovely one of Charlie’s pup Gracie)

Then add your caption, hashtags, location and any filters that you might want to include.

Click the [Tag People] button below where you have written the caption.

Next, you have to type in the account name that you wish to send the invite to collaborate with.

Then click on the account and you’re done, in this case, we have invited Charlie to Collab!

You can now post the image and wait for the person you invited to either accept or decline your invite

Accepting a Collab

The person you sent the invitation to will receive a DM (direct message) asking if they wish to collaborate on this post. If they accept the post becomes a Collab and gets shared on both accounts. If they decline your request the post remains up. However, it will not show on any other account and act like a normal post on your follower’s feeds.

Once the post has been accepted it will display both co-authors and be shared with both audiences.

Keep in mind that you can only Collab with one account currently and some accounts still may not be available to use this feature.