How to Enhance SEO for Landing Pages

Even if your latest page is filled with the most impressive content on the internet this does not guarantee that your conversion rate will be any higher than usual. This is due to the page not being optimised for the user because you might not know how to enhance SEO.

This is due to your page not being appealing to traffic. You need to ensure that you are achieving ‘targeted traffic.’ This is a term used to describe people visiting a website intentionally because they believe it can satisfy their intent.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO or search engine optimisation is when you tailor a web pages elements to make it more likely to show up when someone searches a relevant topic. When you enhance SEO you essentially are trying to do what makes Google happy!

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What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is where the person lands after clicking a link on the internet. It’s essentially where the person ‘lands.’ From the landing page the visitor can then access and explore the website – it takes them closer to becoming a customer. 

Determining What Key Words Enhance SEO

This is possibly the most important part of a landing page. This is the stage in which you choose which words you want Google to rank your page off of. With this the more specific you can be the better this is due to there being less competition for the keywords. 

For example, if I was a car hire based in London I would try to rank for Car Rental in London as opposed to just ‘Car Rental.’ This is due to there being around  4,500,000,000 results for just ‘Car Rental’ in comparison to the around 64,600,000 for ‘Car Rental in London.’ This, however, is still an incredibly high number so making it even more specific to certain boroughs might be necessary to rank highly.

Including Key Words in Content to Enhance SEO

Once you have your keywords you need to place them within the content on your landing page. Bear in mind that there are some places that are proven to be more effective than others so dropping them anywhere isn’t as helpful as you might think. For example, at the start of your title is the most influential place but having your keywords stuffed into every other sentence is seen as ‘spammy’. This makes your text read poorly and will actually negatively affect your SEO.


This is the title of your page and is what people see on search engine results pages. This title is often what decides a landing pages effectiveness. It needs to be compelling and make people want to click! If you cant catch the attention of the user then they will continue to surf the web until their find something more compelling.

There are many things you can do in order to make your titles look more appealing, for example; if your title is not unique then you are going to simply blend into the crowd of other people offering the same thing. Every market is much more saturated these days so creativity is a must-have!

Meta Description

This is the small section underneath the title on a search engine results page. The purpose of which is to be a short description of what the page or post is about. This needs to be engaging and, once again, make the person want to click. Having effective meta descriptions are the best way to improve your organic click rate. Meaning that meta descriptions aren’t as important for Google rankings as you may have thought. However, they are still critical in providing the user with a glimpse into what you have to offer.

Header Tags

In HTML, a programming language, title tags are ordered in a hierarchy from H1 – H6. These all have important uses and, like including the keywords in your content, need to be used in a specific way to be most effective. The H1 tag should be the main headline and subheadings should be H2. If you plan on having subheadings under your H2 then they should be H3 and so forth. Google is then able to see what you define as important on your page allowing it to then direct traffic from people who are looking for content that is relevant to what you have on your page.

Length of your Page

length is not as important as you might have been told. Data has shown that long content ranks highly in search engine results pages, however, this may be more so down to the content and less to the actual length. The fact that not all long-form content is ranked highest on search pages suggests that there is something else at play. We believe it is the quality of the content.

Longer pages tend to be better researched and more shareable because of it. This attracts more readers and makes Google think that the page should be higher ranked. Essentially, if your content isn’t long enough it’s not worth filling the page with nothingness with the intention of reaching a given word count.

Break Up Content with Media

All pages and posts should have non-textual elements that’s helps readers stay engaged. There are many different types of media that you can use in order to break up content. Such as images and videos, which are most effective during long passages.

However, adding too much media can slow down the speed and performance of your pages. So ensure that all media is well optimized.

Make your Page Faster to Enhance SEO

Page loading speed is one of the ways Google has confirmed to enhance SEO. Faster pages are more efficient and provide a much better on-page user experience. This creates a positive user experience and has an effect on the likelihood of a visitor becoming a customer. Since, according to Kissmetrics, 47% of people expect pages to load in less than two seconds, and 40% will abandon it after three seconds. Plus it is reasonably easy to fix a slow page-

  • using smaller images that still look aethetic
  • swithcing to a faster web host
  • shutting off all plugins and extentions that arent used

Update Accordingly

Like with all things, time will have an effect on your content. Eventually, it will become outdated and absolute. As new information becomes available and new things begin to trend certain keywords will be affected accordingly. This may mean that you need to optimise your titles as the keywords used have become very popular and saturated, meaning they are being lost in a sea of other content. Or that the topic you talked about has become less popular and therefore there is nobody looking for what you offer.

We recommend that you assess important content at least once a year. Especially when the content discusses industry trends or analysis.

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