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You need to redesign your website

It’s the first thing that most website companies will say to you; it’s the easiest thing to do and they will make the most money from starting again… don’t get me wrong I’m fine with people making money, it’s just that isn’t always the best solution.

There are times however when that very definitely is the right thing to do!

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Understanding what you have

You don’t always have to redesign your website, it’s just not as simple as that; understanding what you have and how to improve it is the key to developing your website properly. The first step towards this is a website review and if it’s done well, the information you gain will help you make the right choices about your website.

There are several key sections to your website that influence how people find you and how they use your website. Then within each of these there are elements that you might change to improve or maximise the potential of the site.

You may for instance get loads of traffic to your website but no one ever contacts you; this could be down to poor image and styling which may mean you need to think about that redesign. A really good conversion rate between the numbers of people visiting your website but low traffic numbers may mean that your site looks great but isn’t marketed well.

Why request a Website review

As a business owner your website is probably the single most important marketing tool you have; you know your products and services well but do you know how to get the most from you website?

That’s where we come in; we understand these key sections of your website, the design, the structure and the content within it and we can advise you on how best to make improvements. We can review your site and tell you what is good about it and what really needs fixing.

We also won’t sugar coat it, we will give you an honest opinion backed up by years of experience, delivered in a non-techno way; so you understand what we are telling you.

never sugar coated

What do you get from it?

We reviewed a client’s website in April 2016 and agreed to work with them to change how their site was structured. The design was fine but we needed to make a few things more obvious. Between June 2016 and October 2016 that client saw an increase of 110% in the traffic to their website over the equivalent period in 2015.

So we think there are some really great benefits to having your website reviewed.

What do we get out of it?

About a third of the businesses we do reviews for ask us to help them make the changes we have suggested; so basically we get work from it. Even if it doesn’t lead to work, the businesses we do reviews for have all said how useful the exercise was and how much it helped them.

How do I request a website review?

Just click here to email us and we will send you a questionnaire, don’t worry it’s just 7 short questions that will give us the information we need to properly review your website.

If you would prefer to discuss a review with us that’s fine just call us on 01435 817 226 and we can answer any questions you may have.