Everything you need to know about Threads!

Be social media savvy and a pro with Instagram's newest app. Here's Everything you need to know about Threads...

It’s been a few weeks since Meta released its newest social media platform Threads, and it really has taken the internet by storm. But, everyone is still getting the hang of the Twitter-like app, so here’s Everything you need to know about Threads.

Twitter’s Twin

If you are an active Twitter fan and user, then getting the hang of threads should be a walk in the park. The concept is the same, it’s a text-based app, with short snippets of text from the users. The main appeal to this new app is that, if you have an Instagram account, you can set up a threads account in a matter of minutes. And the great part is, all your followers and blue ticks will be carried over into the Threads app as well.

This is ideal for influencers and businesses who have built up a following with hard work and don’t want to start from scratch on a new app. Everyone who follows you and has the Threads app will be carried over to Threads when you set up a new page. Some people are calling Threads, Twitter’s evil twin and that it’s meant to be bigger and better than Twitter itself. Small features that are already proving to be better than Twitter are things like the ability to write a thread with up to 500 characters, as opposed to Twitter and its seemingly small number of 250.  

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Where did it come from?

This isn’t the first time the Meta family have reshaped an idea from somewhere else. Do you remember the uproar when Instagram reels came out? Everyone soon jumped on that with accusations of Mark Zuckerberg coping TikTok, and yet reels have become so big that people are questioning if it’s overtaking the TikTok-crazed internet.

Threads were only thought of three months ago and have been made, launched and got millions of users already. Being such a new app, many people question if all the bumps have been smoothed out yet. People have questions like, is it user friendly? Are fake accounts and scammers being filtered out? Meta has made it clear that even though this is so new, it has been very carefully thought out. And, the fact it’s based on Instagram means Instagram rules apply just the same.

The Differences in Twitter & Threads 

Although there are a huge amount of similarities between these two apps, there are also some huge differences. One of the main differences between them is you can write a far longer post on Threads. Threads give you the option to write a post of 500 characters, meaning brands and influencers won’t get cut off when they are in their flow creating a thread.

Not only is text longer but videos are as well. Twitter gives you a 2-minute 20 secs limit and threads gives you 5 minutes. Something many users have noticed; there is no direct messaging feature like Twitter has. This is likely because everyone’s threads accounts are based on their Instagram so they are leaving Dm’s to Instagram. They have said it may be a feature they add after the app has been up and running for a while.

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Will it be bigger than Twitter? 

Threads is now said to be bigger than every rival of Twitter, but, will it be knocked off its perch by its younger newer enemy? People have already had a bit of a rough patch in their relationship with Twitter, with it’s new logo coming, to the lack of filtration on sensitive content, Zuckerberg announced Threads at the perfect time. Just when everyone is starting to see a few negatives with Twitter, Bam! A newer, seemingly safer, easier and just fun app launches.

However, this is Twitter we are talking about. Elon Musk’s Twitter is going to be incredibly hard to take over one of the oldest apps. And, with Twitter’s latest negatives, people have forgotten the vast amount of positives. When the new app threads start to show minor flaws that all new apps show, people will run back to Twitter to talk about it. With the sheer size of Twitter, can it really be beaten? 

Have you tried Threads?

Threads has been out for a fair few weeks now, so did you jump to the app store the day it launched or have you sat back and seen how it’s gone so far?

We have dabbled here and there and so far quite like it. It seems to be a great way to just have a conversation with your followers, share your interests and have a little laugh. Maybe it’s just what everyone needs in the current social media world. Social media can be a fantastic place but in recent years there’s been a level of toxicity within it. Maybe this is just the social media platform that we all need. Not based on being perfect, ‘insta worthy’ or even corporate.

It’s almost like Meta has thought let’s take a step back and just enjoy what social media was once all about, being social. 

Hence why you can’t currently add hashtags!

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